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    Hello all,

    I've been registered on tmp for quite a while but have never got around to introducing myself...

    I'm the Chairman of The Hanwell Band Trustees (who are in retirement now) whom I played for for ages (and wish I still did) and play cornet on the front row at St Albans City Band at the mo, having played rep all over the place in the past.

    According to our band secretary Matt Booth, I know everyone.... not quite true but I know a fair old few of the L&SC bods, and quite a few further afield!

    I thoroughly enjoy logging on to tmp to catch up with whats going on in banding around the UK.

    Kay xx
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  2. brasscrest

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    Thanks for introducing yourself, Kay! Happy posting!
  3. HBB

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    And also lives rather close to meeee!! (She's so lucky! :) )
  4. ratley

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    There's two kinds of luck Bunny.....