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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Leyfy, Dec 4, 2007.

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    I have about 50 gig worth of music, which I keep on an 320 gig external hard drive. When I have tried to link the external hard drive with iTunes, it works fine, until you turn the computer off.

    The next time you load iTunes, it cannot 'see' the music on the external hard drive and you get a little '!' symbol next to all the tracks. I then have to re-load all of the tracks onto iTunes, and this takes an age as it sorts out 'gapless' play and all the other stuff.

    I have tried it with both windows Vista and XP, and it seems to give me the same problem.

    However, when I had two smaller drives (a 20 gig and 10 gig one, as well as music on the laptop ) it seemed to pick those tracks up just fine, even the ones not kept on the smaller external drives!?!!?

    Anyone iTunes experts and can help?! I can't fit all of my music on my laptop and have room for anything else as its only an 80 gig hard drive in total!!!

    How can I make iTunes 'see' the music on the external hard drive every time i load it, without having to re-load it all on every time?

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    Sounds to me like the problem is not itunes but Windows. Are you certain that the external drive is connecting to the laptop correctly each time you boot it. I work with external drives on my laptop holding my iTunes library and I don't have any problems. It may be that the drive letter you are assigning to the external drive has been grabbed by another device. In such a case windows will not mount th eexternal drive. To get iTunes to work successfully you must assign the same drive letter every time.
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    Thanks for the advice - have managed to now get iTunes to recognise the hard drive by 'waking it up' before opening the programme - i.e opening the hard drive in Windows Explorer, so its active.

    Now, though, its decided that my iPod isn't synced with this version and wants to wipe it all again! Nice! Maybe its just throwing a strop now I've fixed the problem?!?! ;)

    Hopefully, this will be the final time for a while....
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    Sounds like the power settings are turning off the power to external devices. That's why you have to "wake the drive up". You could take a look at changing the power profile to desktop to maintain the connection.