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    Adam, my son has just home from the park with a flat back (new) back tyre on his bike and his helmet missing.

    I took him back down to the park, and he said that sometimes people hide things in the bushes. The top, decorative part of his helmet was in the middle of the park, smashed and full of holes made by being caught in a bike chain. The rest of the helmet was indeed hidden in the bushes. I'm yet to pump up the tyre to see if this has just gone down (yea, a bit of a coincidence) or (more likely if someone as let it down while his back is turned). Two weeks ago I had to throw away a school t-shirt that someone had stuck big blogs of chewing gum on the back. :mad::mad::mad: I've now told him he can't go to the park anymore if this kind of thing is going to keep happening, but on reflection why the hell is he the one to be banned from there rather than the ****** causing him this grief. :mad::mad::mad: [/rant]
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    awwww poor adam! give him a hug from me!

    i think its absolutely appalling that this happens, its just not right. i was walking home today n i realised that all the chavs who i know are younger than me (they were in school uniform.. bit of a give away) all scare me. its strange, but its horrible! i dont know how some people can be so uncaring, and disrespectful to other peoples property!
  3. Steve

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    Show me the park and I will pop over Di, fire with fire and all that. As much as people are gonna whinge about this way of dealing with things I can honestly say (having been one of the idiots down these parks) there is nothing the police can do and the parents are unlikely to deal with them.

    Go treat them with the lack of respect they deserve and give them a taste of their own medicine.
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    awww poor adam :( thats not a nice thing to happen. maybe you could get him a bike lock, hmmm actually thats not going to stop them puncturing his tyres though :( why does there always have to be a minority who spoil things for the majority?

    And Mr Steve, surely there's something the police can do? they've vandalised adams bike and helmet and probably loads of other innocents kids bikes and helmets have been tampered with aswell i wouldn't doubt!
  5. Phil

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    What a horrid thing to happen poor Adam and your right he shouldnt be banned from the park but it is often those who dont do anything and are innocent who are discriminated against its unfair and so unjust. some people are such bullies and there is no need at all for any of it! I hope adam is ok!
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    Prove that to the police! Everyone knows they have done it but try getting an arrest. If they set up surveillance then they may get lucky, is that going to stop the vandals or encourage them to take revenge. If they catch a group then you simply blame the minor that can only be cautioned (easy enough). Naturally if this gang gets caught they are going to draw their own conclusion on who grassed them up, that spells real trouble.

    Sorry, but my way sometimes works just as well and thats the sad truth.

    Sorry Diane, hope this doesnt stop Adam enjoying his leisure time as every person should have the freedom to do.
  7. Di

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    Thanks for all your concern guys and I'm feeling a little less steamed now I've had a bit of a rant and Adam's happy now he's been to band and done what he does best - his drumming. :biggrin:

    Unfortunately, this is not a one off incident. Adam is now 13 (year 9) has borne the brunt of name calling, pushing, shoving and kicking, and more recently a couple of good wallopings since he was in year 2. For over a year now he hasn't travelled on the school bus as this was one of the worst places. :mad: Makes life fun for us, two kids one out of catchment area already needing to be taken to school and back and one that COULD you the free school service but is too scared to.
  8. Phil

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    Thats unbelievable! poor kid! that is one of the most... i dont have a word for it... i really cant stand to see that its one of the main reasons i applied for prefect this year at high school i cant stand to see people getting bullied or hurt ive only been back a month and have stopped fights every day... schools now are horrible places to be Queen anne is one of the newest ever built but the ethos is non existant... we have fights every day teachers leaving and recently crazed sexual ntics in bathrooms as well as drug dealings and regular smoking of canabis... i have to admit i dont think parents realise fully what goes on for the most part of the day!

    And wow he plays drums? I wish i could do that i apparently have bad anger issues and drums sound as though they are the best way to relieve tension!
  9. WoodenFlugel

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    Di, I'm sorry to hear about this. Asking the obvious....have you spoken to Adam's school? I thought that schools had to take allergations of bullying seriously (for that is what this is, unless I'm totally mis-reading the thread..) especially as it appears to be happening on the school bus.
  10. Di

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    I spoke endlessly to the head at his primary school. He'd have a word with the kids involved, promising trouble for reoccurrences and they'd get put in "the blue book". This went on over and over, don't think any ever really got done. His worst year was year 7. One of the teachers actually witnessed him getting a real pasting in the playground and went to his rescue. They never will tell you what actually happens to the kids involved. Towards the end of it we took him to a bully support group type of thing. I think it made him feel stronger, less vulnerable, certainly although its made him more argumentative around the home. :frown: We did get some support from the school towards the end of year 7 (yea, took them a while), but he was offered a different tutor group away from the kids he'd been with for the last 5 or 6 years. Away from them and off the buses, he did have a better year 8, although there is still one little thorn in his side in his new tutor group, its not as bad as it was. We have finally decided though that we will let him go to the same upper school as his sister, thus getting him away from the whole lot all together and start afresh. :)
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    thats such great news!!! he deserves to be happy especially as he spends all day 5 days a week there! i hope he becomes happier and does well throughout the rest of his education!
  12. Di

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    Thanks. *crosses fingers*

    The school his sister goes to has a far superior music department (ask Mr W. Flugel, its run by his bands conductor ;)) hence why his sister went there, purely, so he'll have some really good drumming opportunities too. ;)