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    Having searched the Net regularly all year while doing the website for my band, i have discovered A number of places you can download free Brass band music complete with scores you can download for FREE!!!!. I thought i would share my discoveries for you all.

    BAck in March i discovered This Free selection from a brass band in the USA- i recommend the FANFARE. You will find 4 full band pieces here -i haven't tried the other three.

    Then a month later i discovered ( you may have too) Free music from a Uk band So here you go:

    Good Eh?

    Then recently i discovered free stuff in the Netherlands try this:
    You weill need 'scorch' to view this-but thats free too!!!


    If we try various pieces then we can advise each other as to what is good and bad to download- and save our ink cartridges!!!!!

    Thank me if you like......oh and if you know where free stuff can be found then reply below!!!.......great!.


    And if you want to comment on my website efforts then go here:

    and thats it...

    Keppler: Fixed the url links..
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    i've only tried some of the stuff on the rothwell site myself.. some of it is waste of time cheese.. but others are REALLY good.. definately worth a look
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    There's loads of stuff on the Sibelius Music site - only trouble is that the Brass Band stuff is lumped in the same category as Wind Band!!! :evil:

    You will need to persevere but there is some good stuff which is free.
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