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    I am sure that everyone has a story about meeting someone in the most unlikely place, sometimes amusing or just ironic, maybe even uncanny. Let me start this thread off with a story I heard today. Before I go any further, some important background. I was in Wem recently for their spring concert, which included a fabulous performance of an arrangement I did in memory of my mother, which I told my dad all about. So, on with the story.

    My dad has been in Haverfordwest (Wales) decorating my sister's house! He was in a local pub, and there were a couple of long distance lorry drivers there. Dad was chatting to them, and it turned out that one of them was from Weston (Somerset) (where dad lives). Dad had just told this chap that he would be going to the Weston brass band contest on 21st. The other chap turned around and said, "we have a brass band where I live", "where's that"? dad asked - "WEM" (Shropshire)!

    I like stories like this. Let's hear one of yours.
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    Schloss Dachstein
    I went to Vancouver on a Shropshire County School of Music Brass Band (could they not have thought of a shorter name for us?!) exchange trip in 1986. While we were there a woman came to listen to us who'd emigrated in about 1972 from Bishop's Castle. Bishop's Castle is only 8 miles away from where my parents live and it turned out she knew both my parents. She hadn't realised we were from Shropshire until she got to the venue, she'd only gone along because her husband had said there was a British brass band in town and she should go along for old time's sake.
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