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    Christmas music is being spoken about, and I always get a little grumpy about something, (I'm aloud to, I'm 55). In 1975, Greg Lake released a Christmas Single called "I Believe in Father Chtristmas", which got to no.2 in the charts. Now don't get me wrong, a fabulous song, which, when I was teaching, I used to have my school choir singing, with one of my trumpet players playing the clever quote from Prokofiev's "Lt Kiji" suite, namely "Troika". This is the problem. Ever since then, "Troika" has become a Christmas tune. A lovely little piece, which has now been denigrated to a couple of months of the year.
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    So what was Troika originally, maybe we just need educating!
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    Thanks brassneck. Russian composer Prokfiev wrote the incidental music for the Russian film "Lt Kiji". He put together an orchestral suite, which included "Troika". As brassneck's link points out, the troika is a horse drawn carriage/sled used to travel across the barren Siberian wasteland, which is covered in snow for half of the year. In the film, I believe that Lt Kiji was travelling at great speed to meet his future wife - nothing to do with Christmas though.

    Lt Kiji is an amusing story, I have been trying to find a link to it, maybe a more adept internet searcher like brassneck can oblige?
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    I saw a Christmas display in a shop window in Harrogate last week so there must be at least four months in the year when we can play Troika! :)
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    - a brief summary of the plot can be found here
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    Cool, didn't know half of that.. Thanx guys

    It does appear from the reference however that the Troika races were popularly in winter time, so maybe that could have something to do with it too.

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