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    On Saturday 16th November 2013 the Christmas Shoppers in Briggate, Leeds were treated to a Brass Band Flash Mob to launch BBC Radio Leeds’ Week of Brass. Lofthouse Brass Band and their 'Street Sweeping' conductor Mr Andrew Whitaker came out of the crowd and burst into music surprising the passing members of public. The performance lasted approximately 15 minutes, before the members of the band disappeared into the large crowd who had gathered round to watch.

    To see a video of the flash mob please click here:

    The flash mob was organised by BBC Radio Leeds as part of a special Week of Brass (16[SUP]th[/SUP] Nov – 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] Nov). During this week they will be raising awareness of Brass Banding in West Yorkshire and looking at the demise of Brass Bands in the area. They will be featuring a ‘Band of the Day’ and speaking to well known people from the Brass Banding community. Lofthouse Brass Band were lucky enough to be invited to kick off the week by organising the flash mob and some of their players were interviewed live on air. The Band’s youngest member, Adam Richardson (age 13) featured on the Breakfast Show talking about his Banding commitments and experience. Musical Director, Andrew Whitaker was also interviewed on the Mid Morning Show with the Band’s very own stand- up comedian, Dan Watson.

    Tune in to BBC Radio Leeds (92.4FM) for Brass stories all week and there’s more highlights from Lofthouse on Thursday 21st November at 7.20am when James Whitaker, principal cornet and Hannah Lees, principal horn, will be speaking live on air.
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