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    This book takes a “behind the scenes” look at the occasion in June 2011 when all 8 Salvation Army staff bands of the world joined together to celebrate the 120th anniversary of The International Staff Band. The book reflects how the whole of the Salvation Army world became engaged and energised into creating a sense of community, goodwill and optimism by this ground-breaking event.

    With a foreword by General Linda Bond, and an introduction by Staff Bandmaster Dr Stephen Cobb, as well as a multitude of photographs to remind you of the unique occasion, the 256 page book contains input from a broad variety of people who witnessed the event.

    “Pre-order” details will be available at the National Brass Band Championships in the Royal Albert Hall, London this coming Saturday, 20th October. Visit the WORLD OF BRASS trade stand in the door 6 foyer at the front of the building to place your order.

    If you are not attending the National Brass Band Championships, the book can be “pre-ordered” from the World of Brass website here.
    The introductory discount of £2 off the cover price of £19.95, when ordered before 1st December 2012, will be deducted automatically during checkout.

    If you would prefer to order by telephone, our Mail Order Department [+44 (0)1933 445445] will be pleased to accept your call between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

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    This book is now in stock and selling like the proverbial hot cakes!

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    So, did anyone get this book for Christmas? If so, please tell us what you think about it.

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