ISB to celebrate 120th anniversary

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    Why is it that people often try to illicit a response from others before their declare their own views?

    For the record, this is a totally irrelevent question in the context of the event itself.
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    Is it strange that it is irrelevant because someone might not agree with a question?
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    Because it was relevant to the original posters question, and the source was impecable (I am involved in the Army having wide acquaintances due to my time as an Active Soldier, Active Bandsman, Ex-Bandmaster, Ex-Songster Leader, Ex-SP&S staff, ex IHQ staff and OK).

    We can hardly be suprised if this question arises when members of the bands involved are making similar comments.

    What is really important is that the SA's Premier Bands came together in London in what was by all reports, a wonderful spirit and produced soem great music and a fantastic witness on the march down the Mall.

    Gutted that I missed it really. Bad holiday planning on my part!
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    How could a band tragic make a mistake with bad holiday plans - some of us set up our holidays to come from the other side of the world to experience this momentous occasion. And were glad we did.

    My best moment - the 5 minute standing ovation given to Japan Staff Band as they came on to the platform. How did they play so well after that?
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    Hi Carl,

    Trust all is well. Can you confirm if the DVD due out in November includes all performances or only highlights? The title "Complete Works" implies it has everything but use of the word "Highlights" in the description suggests not. I'm not sure whether to order individual DVD's or wait until November.

    Thanks and best regards
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    Hi John.

    The title "The Complete Works" is, we admit in hindsight, misleading as it is a 'highlights' product which will include footage from Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.