ISB to celebrate 120th anniversary

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    Indeed it will, complete with email addresses for ticket information but without typos. ;-)
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    Hi Carl, Better have someone proof read it very carefully then ;)
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    and were still waiting for our invitation ( Tongue in cheek )
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    Looks like a busy week for me: likely to be taking the week off work & hoping to fit in Chicago, Japan and Melbourne as well as the Saturday at the Albert Hall and the Sunday march to Buckingham Palace.
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    From the latest ISB120 update:

    The itineraries of the three touring staff bands are as follows;

    Melbourne Staff Band:
    25th May: Sheffield
    26th May: Warrington
    27th May: Kettering
    28th May: Sunderland Millfield
    29th May: Sunderland Millfield
    30th May: Clydebank
    31st May: Blackpool
    1st June: Coventry City
    2nd June: Bristol Easton
    3rd June: Hadleigh Temple

    Japan Staff Band:
    28th May: Hythe
    29th May: Hythe
    30th May: Cradley Heath
    31st May: Doncaster
    1st June: Staines
    2nd June: Plymouth Congress Hall
    3rd June: Basingstoke

    Chicago Staff Band:
    28th May: Boscombe
    29th May: Boscombe/Reading
    30th May: Reading
    31st May: Norwich
    1st June: Leeds Central
    2nd June: Consett
    3rd June: Chelmsford

    Additional concerts on Friday 3rd June:
    Amsterdam Staff Band (Maidstone)
    Canadian Staff Band (Stowmarket)
    German Staff Band (Maidenhead)

    Contact names and email addresses for ticket enquiries for all of these venues are shown below;

    Sheffield Citadel - John Coleman -
    Warrington - Des Keates -
    Kettering - Dave Randall -
    Sunderland Millfield - Paul Adams -
    Hythe - - Richard Carroll -
    Boscombe - George McConnell -
    Clydebank - Peter Fuller -
    Cradley Heath - Rob Westwood-Payne
    Reading Central - David Mortlock -
    Blackpool Citadel - Roy Powers -
    Doncaster - Royce Andrews -
    Norwich Citadel - Michael Whybrow -
    Coventry City - Alan Chappell -
    Staines - - Charley Brighton -
    Leeds Central - Craig Buchan -
    Bristol Easton - Cathy Brittan -
    Plymouth Congress HallDerek Pook -
    Consett - Mark Sellers -
    Hadleigh Temple - Peter Edwards -
    Basingstoke - Peter Barlow -
    Chelmsford - Enid Watson -
    Stowmarket - Gerald Turner -
    Maidstone - Graham Wall -
    Maidenhead - Keith White -
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    Thanks Peter, you've saved me the trouble. ;-)
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    Happy to oblige. Any idea when the Northern Ireland dates will be made public?
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    I'm not aware of any Northern Ireland dates.
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    The NYSB website shows a tour of Northern Ireland from May 24th to June 2nd.

    Also, the Canadian Staff Band are touring Holland and Germany from May 27th to June 2nd.
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    It must be a private arrangement as it's lying outside of the jurisdiction of the ISB120 project.
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    Details of the NYSB visit to Ireland are now on the ISB120 website.

    Saturday 28th May 2011, 7.30pm
    Carnmoney Presbyterian Church, 248 Carnmoney Road, Newtownabbey, BELFAST, BT36 6JZ.

    Tuesday 31st May 2011, 8.00pm
    The Round Room, Mansion House, 2 Dawson Street, DUBLIN 2.

    Wednesday 1st June 2011, 7.30pm
    The Guildhall, Guildhall Square, LONDONDERRY, BT48 6DQ.

    Details of ticket prices etc are here:
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    tMPers on the continent may be interested in the following news of the Canadian Staff Band's plans running up to ISB120:

    Tour of The Netherlands and Germany/ISB 120 Weekend
    Friday, May 27 to Monday, June 6, 2011

    May 27 - Depart Toronto for Amsterdam
    May 28-29 - Almelo Corps Anniversary Weekend
    May 30 - Canadian War Graves Memorial Service, Arnhem Cemetery; concert at Leeuwarden
    May 31 - Concert at Zetel (Germany)
    June 1 - Workshops and concert at Essen University (Germany)
    June 2 - Concert in Amsterdam with Amsterdam Staff Band
    June 3 - Travel to England; concert at United Reformed Church, Stowmarket
    June 4 - ISB 120 events at Royal Albert Hall, London
    June 5 - Music leaders councils; march to Buckingham Palace (brief concert in palace forecourt)
    June 6 - Depart London for Toronto
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    Tickets are now available for the Melbourne Staff Band's visit to Hadleigh on Friday 3rd June, at 7pm.

    They are selling fast so if you want to attend you should get in touch as soon as possible:
    Front of hall: £12; Rear of hall: £10

    SAE to Peter Edwards, 54 Teigngrace, Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, SS3 8AH
    Tele: 01702 582671hone
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    At 14:15 on Sunday 5th June 2011, the eight Staff Bands of The Salvation Army, comprising some 250 musicians, will step off from the junction of Horse Guards Road and The Mall and march to Buckingham Palace. We anticipate that this spectacular event that will be witnessed by many thousands of Salvationists, friends and members of the public who are planning to be present on this historic occasion.
    If you are a uniform-wearing Salvationist, we would encourage you to attend in your full summer Salvation Army uniform (complete with headgear) to make the most of this unique witness opportunity.

    Detailed timings are as follows;

    12:30 One hour concert by Regent Hall Band in St James’s Park bandstand.
    14:00 Staff Bands muster at the start point; junction of The Mall and Horse Guards Road.
    14:15 Staff Bands step off and march along The Mall to Buckingham Palace.
    14:35 Concert by the massed Staff Bands in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.
    15:10 The first Staff Band will leave Palace forecourt and march to Wellington Barracks.
    (Staff Bands will march past the Buckingham Palace gates where international leaders of The Salvation Army will take the salute.)
    15:30 The last Staff Band will leave Palace forecourt.
    15:35 The last Staff Band will enter Wellington Barracks marking the end of the parade.

    We sincerely hope that as many people as possible will be able to be in London to witness this unique occasion.
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    ISB120 is now under two weeks away, on Saturday 4th June 2011, and this news item provides additional information which we hope will assist you in your enjoyment of the day still further!

    The first 'half' of the concert will commence at 14:00 when the Amsterdam Staff Band will present its chosen 20 minute programme. The remaining staff bands will then follow on, in alphabetical order, every half hour, closing with the New York Staff Band at 17:30.
    The second 'half' of the concert, when all 8 staff bands will be on stage together, will commence at 19:00.

    Detailed timings are as follows;

    14:00 Amsterdam Staff Band
    14:30 Canadian Staff Band
    15:00 Chicago Staff Band
    15:30 German Staff Band
    16:00 International Staff Band
    16:30 Japan Staff Band
    17:00 Melbourne Staff Band
    17:30 New York Staff Band

    18:00 INTERVAL

    19:00 Massed staff band spectacular

    In addition to the feast of music in the hall itself, there will be two trade exhibitions for you to visit during the course of the day.
    Salvationist Publishing & Supplies (SP&S) will be trading in the foyer of door 6 of the Royal Albert Hall from 10:00 to 22:00 offering a huge range of Salvation Army and brass CDs and DVDs.
    Salvationist Publishing & Supplies (SP&S) will also be trading in the adjacent Imperial College Students Union building from 09:00 to 19:00 offering Salvation Army uniforms, shirts/blouses, hats/caps, casual wear, books, Bibles, song books, sheet music and much more!

    SP&S recommend, if you already know what you want to buy, that you place an order in advance with its Mail Order department on +44 (0)1933 445 445 (by Wednesday 1st June) for collection from the Imperial College Students Union building.

    Also in the Imperial College Students Union building will be the following exhibitors;
    Besson ( - brass instruments of Tradition and Excellence
    Band Supplies ( - one of the UK's leading music retailers
    Gramercy Music ( - publishing the music of Peter Graham
    Hayes Music ( - brass and woodwind instrument sales and repairs
    Kingsway ( - The Sound of Worship
    Normans ( - Instrumental for sound prices
    Rosehill Instruments ( - specialists in brass and woodwind since 1967
    Samuel Brothers ( - bespoke tailors and military uniform specialists

    We would encourage you to make time during the course of the day to visit these exhibitors who are generously supporting The International Staff Band by being present.
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    We are pleased to announce the launch of the ISB120 iPhone App created and developed by Lloyd Hardwick of Zelenti ( especially for the ISB120 celebrations. With so many visitors and tourists coming to London and the UK, we wanted to update and inform in the most up-to-date way possible. The way people consume information has evolved rapidly and many choose to receive information ´on the go´ when it suits them and when they need it, in addition (and sometimes instead of) surfing the internet at home or work. The ISB120 iPhone App keeps you informed of all the events around the country leading up to the ISB120 weekend itself.

    Key features include:

    Up to date with ISB120 news from the official ISB120 Twitter feed.
    List of events by date, band and venue.
    Display of event location maps to street level.
    View event details and ticket information.
    Save favourite events and add to ´My ISB 120´ personal event planner.
    View band information, personnel and tour information.
    Photo gallery.
    Part of the remit around the organisation of ISB120 was that the event must be ground-breaking and that audiences need to be engaged in new and exciting ways. The ISB120 iPhone App has been created with these requirements in mind:

    We believe that the ISB120 iPhone App is the first iPhone application created for any brass band and/or brass band event in the world of brass banding!
    It allows the wider audience around the world to interact and feel part of the events.

    The ISB120 iPhone App is available from the iTunes App Store for just £1.79. We hope you enjoy using it, particularly over the coming weeks as outputs and photographs from the ISB120 celebration weekend are uploaded. We are working on versions for Android and Blackberry too, so please subscribe to the official ISB120 Twitter feed for the latest information;

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    I anticipated reading some comments about the weekend today but can't find anything. Did you go? Did it live up to its promise? I'm very interested in hearing about it.
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    Didn't get to the Festival on Saturday but certainly enjoyed yesterday afternoon on the Mall and Buck Palace (just about managed to contain my republican sentiments !!:) ).

    The bands made for a very impressive sight , and there was a huge crowd out which must have numbered in the thousands.

    With 8 bands there , even in the open air setting it was a very solid sound. The programme of music was all straight out of the red favourites book , and off the top of my head included marches such as Goldcrest , The Invincible Army and Silver Star , Hymn tune settings of Colne , French and Crown Him with Many crowns and various others before finishing with the National Anthem.

    Had a good view of the march down , and stood meself with some chums from Hadleigh Temple in Birdcage Walk for the bands' marching out , although unfortunately right at the point where they all stopped playing ( any idea why ?) with the exception of the ISB.

    Slight comedy moment of the afternoon was seeing the two Guards' bandsmen having to take the bass / side drum away from the Canadian Staff Band's percussionists and run back to Buck's Palace with them - presumed the CSB must have borrowed them for the event ?

    Unfortunately the great weather from Saturday didn't last - mostly a very light drizzle through the afternoon until just after the ISB had got into Wellington Barracks at which point it got properly moist and I had a right soaking walking back to Fitzrovia.

    Great occassion though - well done to all involved and I'm also keen to hear details of Saturday's programmes and the concerts.
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    Saw you and Claire from my vantage point over by Wellington Barracks, although most of the bands stopped playing before they reached us :mad:

    Saturday was a fantastic event, one of the best SA events I can remember. The concept of each band playing in the afternoon worked well, and then in the evening it was one massed band, plus an individual spot for the ISB. Highlights included a new solo for Derick Kane, "So glad" in a reworked version for 8 flugels, and the encore, a thrilling rendition of Les Condon's "Celebration".

    In addition, the touring bands created a lot of interest around this country and abroad. The organisation seemed to go like clockwork, and thanks to all who were involved in the planning and execution of it all.

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