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    The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army were in the recording studio (Henry Wood Hall to be more precise) on Friday evening and Saturday and recorded a CD of music by Kenneth Downie.
    The CD, which will be called St Magnus will be released at the Salvation Army Gospel Arts Concert at The Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 3rd June 2006.

    The track list will be as follows although the running order has not yet been determined;

    The Joy-bringer
    Take Time
    Lord of all Hopefulness
    He can break every fetter
    Music for a Joyful Occasion (revised version)
    King of Heaven
    Concerto for Euphonium
    St Magnus
    Praise Tribute
    The Father's Blessing
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    I really like the Brighouse CD (Purcell Variations) of his other works - with Deep Harmony, Purcell Variations etc. on it - a big fan of St Magnus so will be buying this one! :)
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    Are these all new recordings? I know that a few (The Joy-bringer, Lord of all Hopefulness and The Father's Blessing) have been on relatively recent recordings. Either way looks like an awesome album.
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    Yes, they are all new recordings.
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    Have sat in on a few rehersals during recent weeks with Ken Downie, can tell you that this cd is going to be special! The sound of the band at the moment is fantastic!
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    The intention now is to release this CD at the European Brass Band Contest at the end of April.
    Here's what the cover will look like.