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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Marlon Bando, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member

    Does anyone know if the pieces on this CD have been specifically recorded for it, or have recordings been used from previous ISB cd's?
  2. Active Member

    Mostly new recordings.
  3. cujo_134

    cujo_134 Member

    What about a release date? Is it known yet?
  4. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member


    Am glad I asked! ;)

    So, can you tell us which tracks in particular are not new recordings? It will definitely help me decide whether to buy it or not, as im interested to hear how the new(er) look ISB play the pieces.

    If not I'll just borrow my brothers one when he gets it and do a copy!!!! JOKE!!!! ;)
  5. Active Member

    It will be signed off in the next few days so will be released in November.
  6. Active Member

    Maybe I shouldn't tell you but, after you have bought the CD, ask you to tell me which tracks you think are played by the 'new(er) look ISB'!
  7. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member

    I'm playing 'Devils Avocado' a bit here, as i'll probably buy it anyway. But.......

    Forgive me if im wrong, but the WoB catalogue kind of paints the picture that this CD is brand new, and doesnt mention any re-releases being used. (I dont have the catalogue, here so i MAY be wrong!).
    If someone is buying a full price CD, presumably tis only right that they are made aware (In the catalogue. Im assuming that it is mentioned on the CD itself) that the recordings are not totally original (I have a feeling this was done on a previous CD where old recordings were used)

    So, what proportion of the CD is new material? 50%, 75%?............
    Is, for example, Corpus Christi a new recording, or is this taken from 'Trumpet Call' (I think that was the album it first appeared on....)
    Likewise, Celestial Prospect was recorded many years ago (cant remember the name of the album, Im sure Mr Bale will help out here!). I believe this was recorded when the band was much bigger (in number, not in sound!!!!!).

    Your people demand the truth, Mr WoB!!! ;)
  8. Active Member

    Would you like me to send you a copy of the new catalogue? If so, please send your name and address to me by PM.
    There wasn't enough room in the catalogue to make mention of the tracks that have come from previous recordings. I haven't seen the artwork yet as the project hasn't yet been signed off so I can't tell you if there is mention of previously recorded tracks.
    That's correct, Eric Ball - Resurgam.
    Please come and introduce yourself to me at the World of Brass trade stands at Regent Hall or Royal Albert Hall and I'll happily discuss all aspects of this project with you.
  9. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Has it got "Warrior Psalm" on it ... ? :wink:
  10. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member

    Warrior Psalm?

    Dont think it has; but ive got an old tape knocking around with a recording from National Music School, circa 1987. Perhaps the ISB could just copy it onto a blank cd and sell it as new!! JOKE JOKE JOKE!!!! ;) ;)

    You sound very defensive, Mr WoB. No need to! :oops: Just simply wondering whats new on the recording. You must know, you played on it!! (but how much did you play)

    Elementary, my dear Watson! :cool:
  11. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure "defensive" is the correct term. I'm sure that WoB will be able to respond to your queries once he has all the information to hand.

  12. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member

    Sorry- wrong choice of words. Apologies for winding you up too, Mr WoB. Just want to know if its worth spending my pennies on the CD, only to find out that ive got these recordings already elsewhere.......
  13. tom thumb

    tom thumb New Member

    My sources tell me that of the 12 fantastic tracks, 9 are newly recorded and 3 are from other CD's. If you want percentages, that is 75% to 25%. Like all other ISB CD's I'm sure it will be well worth outlaying your hard earned cash.
  14. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I'mn sure it will be well worth forking out for - assuming no-one sends me a buckshee review copy ;) - but there does seem to be a growing trend for record companies ( not only in the band world ) to confuse the issue by including re-released tracks in what appear to be new issues.

    I do agree that this should be made clear in the marketing, or at least on the outside of the packaging - although that doesn't help if you're ordering online or by mail order!
  15. Active Member

    Now in stock and available on the World of Brass website by clicking HERE!
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  16. Just wondered ,I want to order Origins and the double cd called "spirit of the army" i saw in the trade catologue. "Spirt of the army" doesn't seem to appear on the website ,is it possible for it to go on? or am i going to have to send an order form?

    I sent this by PM but perhaps your WOB box is full.

  17. Active Member

    Order 'Origins' through the website as normal and put a note on it to say that you want 'Spirit of the Army' as well and I'll make sure you get both.
  18. Thanks , I've put my order through and sent a mail to the mail order email address. Had a look on the ISB site but there's no more new news on the latest release in terms of full tracklisting , so I guess I'll have to wait till it arrives :)

    It's a shame the ISB guestbook has gone , i'd assume down to all the ludicrous spamming that went on on there ,on an almost daily basis:mad:
  19. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    A golden opportunity missed, I'm afraid ...

    In the context of the CD I think "Warrior Psalm" would have been a much more appropriate choice than "Radcliffe".
  20. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    The advert in this week's British Bandsman confirms which tracks are re-issues, stating which cds they are taken from. Well done WoB.

    I do tend to agree with GJG over the R.S-A selection: although I suppose it will give a contrast to the programme, it has been recorded in several versions lately, and it would have been good to have something less well-known.
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