ISB on BBC Radio 2 this morning

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bungle, Dec 24, 2010.

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    We have Radio 2 on at work and heard them;)
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    I am not a Salvationist but at Christmas time I can see the work that they SA bands do to raise money for other people who are less well off.
    iSB were great on Chris Evans today.
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    Thanks everyone.

    It was actually just a sextet from the ISB rather than the whole band; Kevin Ashman and Paul Sharman (cornets), David Winch (tenor horn), Iain Parkhouse (baritone), Jonathan Evans (euphonium) and myself on tuba with Stephen Cobb conducting. There wasn't much room for anyone else as the pictures of the studio show;

    It was great fun to be part of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and really interesting to see how a programme like that actually works.

    Everyone at the BBC was friendly, charming and helpful. Chris was only too pleased to sign books and pose for photos, James Martin offered to take some photos using our phones and cameras and Moira Stewart helped me to find a mains socket that I could plug my laptop into!
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    Sounds a really good do.

    Well done to Steve Cobb and all that were there i guss there would be people in the band dissapointed not to be on the show.

    i remember a few years ago Woodfalls Band being on his afternoon programme.

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