ISB at Rochdale Citadel

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    International Staff Band
    The Salvation Army

    Sunday May 22nd at 10.30am and 16:00pm

    Addmission at either time is free at the citadel :wow on May 21st.

    The visit of the band to Rochdale Citadel is due to the band being in the area (Bacup - Royal Court Theatre) for a concert on the previous day. This concert has not been organised by RCB so please contact the Theatre Box Office (01706 874080) for ticket availability for the ISB's Saturday concert.

    The visit of the ISB coincides with 2011 being the year that Rochdale Citadel Band celebrating its 125th Anniversary. Part of these celebrations include a Band reunion for all former and present members of the Band; regardless of any current connection with the SAE. This will take place in October this year. For further details on this please contact RCB directly on 01706 715624​
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    Do you mean Saturday May 21st or Sunday May 22nd? ;-)
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    Ooops Sunday May the 22nd - Bacup Concert is on MAy 21st - Thanks for noticing.

    Mods can you edit this for me please?

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