Is your uniform pants or what??

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How do you feel in your uniform

  1. Brilliant, feel able to tackle YBS any day

  2. Good, don't mind wearing it at all

  3. Not bothered either way really

  4. Wish i had a bag on my head

  1. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Don't know if this topic has been covered before but does your uniform make you feel like the dogs preverbials or do you wish they'd change it for a couple of bin liners and some old string just to add a touch of class??

    At Emley we got completely new uniforms a couple of years ago and personally I feel very good in mine, I think it looks very classic and tidy..Black full length jacket with turquoise lapels and cuffs finished with gold braid on the cuffs and epelets, but some of the uniforms you see around (and particularly the one we changed from) just make you have to suppress the gagging reflex!
  2. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    Flixton wear plain black jackets and ties and I think that it looks alot better than some of the band jackets I have had to wear before :shock:
  3. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Hate traditional Brass Band uniforms but stuck with it I'm afraid.
    Wish bands would get more up-to-date. :cry:
    In my dreams I suppose.
  4. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Maybe we'll get those walking out jackets soon Moy.. I like those - straight tie and no gold braid :D

  5. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    Black DJ's with Red bowties at EYMS. Looks OK, but you don't really feel like a Brass Band, more like a Brass Ensemble (if that makes any sense?) We have a walking out uniform (Black blazers with EYMS logo on the left breast pocket, and burgundy EYMS ties with Charcoal trousers. (as pictured!)
    At St Austell, I used to have to wear Purple with gold braid band jackets (nearly exactly the same as the Brighouse ones) and we had Navy Blue walking out jackets with Black St. Austell band ties. Was good, but some of the Purple jackets were a bit faded, wheras others were newer.
  6. Baldeagle

    Baldeagle Member

    Carlton Brass have just taken delivery of a complete new set of jackets,trousers, shirts and ties.This new uniform replaces the blazers which are now our walking out and parade uniform. Also we took deliver of new polo shirts for our leisure wear. They were all made by a local tailor at a price that left Handley's standing way behind.
  7. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Yeeha. :wink:
  8. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    I rather like ours - very fetching and not LOUD! All I need is a dress jacket that fits better - I could be pregnant with triplets in it and I doubt anyone would notice!

    Rach x
  9. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    are you trying to tell us something CG? ;)

    Navy blazer and royal blue tie for us. None of this stripe or braid or garish cuffs/lapels for us...
  10. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Sounds lovely... are you looking for a flugel player perchance?

    *hides from Granite City people*

  11. Trigger

    Trigger Member

    My band wear bright yellow jackets!! They are good quality jackets, but they're yellow!! :roll: Nuff said I think. :wink:
  12. Sam Atherton

    Sam Atherton Member

    I thought that the Cosham bright blue jackets were pretty frightening until I saw Solent for the first time!! At least they're distinctive :wink:
  13. blue_smarties

    blue_smarties Member

    My friends dad used to play in an all-male band that wore candy pink blazers!!
    Nice! :)
  14. akwarose

    akwarose Active Member

    we have royal blue (not sure if its really the right shade, but its close enuff i guess) jackets with the band emblem (a windmill :D) on the breast pocket. it looks really nice. blue ties or black dickie bows, depending on the occasion for the gents, blue or black ties for the ladies, again dependin on the occasion. i love our uniform, simple and nice :)
  15. jameshowell

    jameshowell Active Member

    I like the full-regalia traditional brass band uniforms. In my opinion if you're going to dress up, might as well go all the way!
  16. Trigger

    Trigger Member

    Distinctive is one word for them :lol: :lol: No they're alright really. I mean I'm proud to be in my band and everything. Would just prefer to be in a sensible red or blue band or something. Still it wouldn't be Solent if we didn't have yellow jackets. :wink:
  17. Jezzabell

    Jezzabell Member

    We have black, red n gold at our band (st dennis), red polo shirts for those hot sunny days, n navy blue walkin out jackets! Tho the prob comes when we have different ties for different things! dicky bow for sit down evenin concerts or formal engagements, straight black tie for marching and afternoon enagements,n a blue tie 2 go wif walkin out jackets! ITS MAD!
  18. Lisa

    Lisa Member

    We have really heavy grey jackets with silver bits on which, in my opinion, is really really dull! Luckily we might be getting new ones soon though. :D
    I think deep blue, deep purple or black would be good!
  19. Okiedokie of Oz

    Okiedokie of Oz Active Member

    I honestly don't know what's so special about Black and white with black coats. It rather plain. Even Cap silver had black and white with a Blue and black coat and that didn't do much for me either.

    Gladstone used to have the full blue pants with the yellow stripe, epaulettes, tie AND TIE BAR, 2 hats (the cap which I love, and the Akubra) and a nice grey coat witht he council Coat of Arms.

    The new uniform, while exactly the same in principal, doesn't have the same appeal to me as the old one. Pants are now navy, which isn't so bad. Tie has been replaces for an official Council one instead of the plain blue one, and as such, the tiebar looks hideous with it. Epaulettes are still there on the blue drill shirt, but the hats have been replaces with a nice straw "panama" style (almost). OK, as a teacher I am all for being sun Smart, but the hat just losses the effect!! Now the comittee (new one to that which organised the new uniform and blew $8000 on it) is talking about keeping on using the caps. Hello!!! THEY ARE COVERED WITH SWEAT STAINS!!!!

    I feel a uniform should be somehting to be proud of. If I wear black and white to every music function I do, how does that make my black and blue Cap Silver uniform seem special?

    I admit, there is a point where you have to stop. A band called Sunnybank, down near Brisbane, changed their marching uniform a few years back to somethink like an old colonial soldiers uniform, or an American Marching Band uniform, complete with the tall hats!! But my point is make a uniform something to be respected, not something you can go and buy at any nice tailor!!
  20. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    [boc]grimey did that for a while didt they[/boc]