Is this true or is it just very funny?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Maestro, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Maestro

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  2. brasscrest

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    It's funny, but the photo has been altered - the little boy was added (the lighting is different, and it would take a very good photographer to get both the boy and the tombstone in focus - depth of field looks pretty impossible to me - look at the background of the tombstone, which is not in focus).

    I can't tell from the photo whether the name on the tombstone has been altered, but if it was it was done pretty skillfully - although any doctoring might be more apparent if I saw the original.
  3. dyl

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    Grrrrr. Thanks for spoiling it for me!

  4. Naomi McFadyen

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    Yeaaaa, funny... I never believed Santa excisted anyway

  5. brasscrest

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    Sorry, I thought we were supposed to answer the question in the thread title. :-?
  6. DublinBass

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    I'm devistated!!!

    First you all tell me there is no Santa Claus...then that there is really no kid crying in front of Santa's grave?

    What Easter bunny...that BOC doesn't really stand for anything?

  7. :-? It's neither ??? :-?
  8. lynchie

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    hmmm... i still feel bad about ruining some poor kids life... a friend sent me a message saying she was tucking in the kids in a nursery for their nap, so I perfectly innocently replied saying "If they give you any gip, just tell them there's no Santa Claus..." Unfortunately she'd left her phone on the side and one of the kids picked it up when it was beeping and managed to press the right button (they would make it the BIG one, wouldn't they!!) and got the shock of her life...

    So, now to go and tell some children the tooth fairy's evil and their dog didn't really go to the farm in the country...
  9. JessopSmythe

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    For those of you with good memories, the very same image of that little boy also apears in the llama song!
  10. Fergus

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    Sob, sob, sob......Santa RIP.
  11. brassneck

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