Is this a good quality Cornet?

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by _si, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. _si

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    Hi all, couldf you please advise me on this cornet? is it worth the money thats being asked? how old is it? is it a quality instrument?

    im also watching these...

    I have a budget of £500 and would rather spend it on an old 'quality' cornet than a 'value' new one. Do any of these instruments fit that bill?
    Cheers :)

    Are there any here that i should cross off my list?
  2. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Personally I'd go for the 1970s Sov with the full 'pinky ring'.
  3. _si

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    the 70's sov has a buy it now of £500 but i think it would go for maybe 300-400?
  4. andyp

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    Definitely. Properly looked after round-stamp Sov will last a lifetime, even if it gets old and tired it's worth spending the money reconditioning one rather than buy new!
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    Yeah, one was on last week that went for that sort of money (sorry deleted it from my watching so I can't say exactly). Interestingly it was the same age as the sov you are watching and the ad has very similar wording - I wonder if its the same cornet relisted?

    I have a 'first edition' sovereign and it is a fantastic instrument - even if it goes for £500 you're getting a cornet that is massively better than new stuff cosing twice as much - basically it's a steal.
  6. tpcornet12

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    I would also go for the 70s sov. If you paid between 300 and 400 I think you have got a very good deal - probably worth the £500 price tag in my view.
  7. Anno Draconis

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    I'd have the 20 year old sovereign - from the era just before the lottery windfalls started and Besson started making them out of tin foil and bog roll tubes. I've got a 928 from about 1990 and it's a belter, I was going to replace it but tried loads including a Prestige and a Xeno and couldn't find one I liked as much. Instead McQueen's in Swinton reconned my Sov for £250 and it plays like new. I'd pay up to £600 for it as long as I could have a blow on it before bidding. If it needs a recon knock a couple of hundred off, though.

    The 1970s sov would be my second choice but it'll want looking at for the dodgy leadpipe-to-bell repair. I wouldn't spend more than £300, and get it fully reconditioned.

    The Stirling is an OK intermediate instrument, depends what level you're playing at, but the seller's pushing his luck describing it as a "sovereign alternative". The two Imperials are good learners instruments but nothing more, really. Neither of them have triggers, either (I don't think any Imps came with them).

    In any case I wouldn't want to bid on any instrument I hadn't had a go on - you wouldn't buy a car without at least making sure it drove round the block, would you? One other thing worth considering is that you can get a Virtuosi "Regency" cornet new for less than £500 - never had a go on one, but I've heard good things about them...
  8. llewellynd

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    Im sure this ws listed a few weeks ago, cant be many with dodgy lead pipe repais, I think it went fot around £385.
  9. _si

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  10. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Looks like a decent instrument for that money, nice work. According to the question on the listing it is a 928, similar vintage to mine, so with a bit of TLC I reckon you'll get years out of it.
  11. Aidan

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    Unless you go to the bloke who reconditioned mine :p