Is there such a thing as piano accompaniment for Rusalka's Song to the Moon solo?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hellraiser, Nov 27, 2004.

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    If there is could someone please tell me where I can get it from?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Shepherd's Song (and three other pieces)
    Arranged by Eric Wilson
    Published by Rosehill Music

    This has an arrangement of Rusalka's Song to the Moon for cornet and piano in concert F major (that's G major (one sharp;) ) for you Bb instruments).
    You should be able to order it quite easily from your normal sheet music supplier, if not, check out June Emerson Wind Music - - a fantastic shop that usually have everything you need in stock.
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    ... no idea what the original concert pitch is, I'm afraid! You will have to transpose the vocal line up a maj. 2nd if you play a Bb instrument though.
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    If you type in "shepherd's song" it is the first piece in the list.
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    done that, sorry, got it now, thanks for your help!
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    I just performed the solo with my band this month. I have the solo with piano, and it's in the same key as the band arrangement by Langford. The solo with piano is arranged by Eric Wilson and comes in a collection of solos called Shepherd's Song. I got it from Just Music, but I don't see it in their online catalog now. Both the Langford and the Wilson differ somewhat from the libretto, more so the Wilson.

    Do take a look at the libretto and listen to a singer like Rene Fleming. Best wishes!

    Chicago Brass Band

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