Is there still respect in bands?

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Is there still the same respect in bands?

  1. Yes - its still the same as it was or there is more respect

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  2. No - there is less respect now that there was

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  3. Not sure

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  1. After an incident tonight at rehearsals and a few other things, it got me thinking about respect towards the conductor and the band in general between players. So, thought I'd start a wee debate to see everyone elses views.

    Having only been part of bands for about 3/4 years (wind and brass) I don't know what it was like years ago but, from what I do see there isn't the same respect than what there was when I first started. This is more aparent to me with youth or junior bands. I'm sure they're not all disrespectful to their "elders" but some their attitudes towards others and music stinks. I know I'm only 19 myself but I do have a degree of respect for the band and our conductor.

    You'd think there would be some extent of respect because the reason you go to band is to do something you enjoy with people who share the same interest.

    Anyhoo, just want to see what anyone elses opinions are.
  2. Liamhorn

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    Yeah i have to agree on some points brought up there.
  3. Cornet Nev.

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    There could be many factors involved, but I think a central theme may well be down to respect of the MD. If you are lucky as our band is, and have an MD worthy of a tremendous amount of respect, then that goes down throughout the rest of the band, nurturing respect for every one else. (I ain't trying to get on the best side of our MD by saying that either) If on the other hand, he or she is a complete pratt, the band could well fall apart.
  4. Anno Draconis

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    I think there used to be more "automatic" respect, or at least deference to, the man in the middle, certainly in the lower sections. These days you have to earn it more. Not sure that's a neccesarily bad thing, myself, although if you don't agree with something the MD does the time to raise it with them is afterwards, not during the rehearsal in front of the band.
  5. BoBo

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    I have played in a few bands and generally there is mutual respect all round. There have always been "incidents", I have been involved in a few myself, but I would be surprised if the level of those is any more or less than it ever was.

    Its tempting to think that the youth of today would be less respectful than the used to be. I suggest that musicians in general have to be reasonably disciplined and intelligent and while the younger might be a bit livelier and cheekier than the older among us, I suggest that things have not changed that much over the years.
  6. Accidental

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    I think generally if there's an issue with respect its down to either an individual player, or a symptom of a bigger issue with a particular MD. If its particular players perhaps they need taking to one side and asked to behave in a more acceptable way. If a conductor loses the band's respect (or never earned it the first place!) I'd be trying to find out why and thinking about the need for a different conductor, not wondering if people are less respectful these days.
  7. 2nd man down

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    I think generally there is still respect, although as said above the man in the middle has to work harder to gain it, rather than just being able to expect it.

    Bands and life tho are compltely separate issues, and in life in general, a large portion of the younger generation aren't being tought to respect the feelings or possessions of others, regardless of what age those "others" are. It's very saddening.
  8. I do believe respect is taught and is taught not only through banding but in life in general through school, parents etc.

    Its not that its a big problem, in fact its a very small minority but sometimes it can effect the morale of the band which is a shame.
  9. brassbandmaestro

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    Yeah, well, respect has to come from all sides, in my book. If you respect the MD, then, usually I find thats receipricated. Otherwise, heaven help!
  10. I agree completely with your comment. :tup
  11. Jan H

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  12. mikelyons

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    As a teacher in the same school fopr nearly 20 years, I have seen the general decline in the respect-for-others and the respect-due-to-people-in-authority-over-me that I was taught as a child.

    Children often have no respect for teachers because they have no respect for their parents. They have lost the respect for their parents because

    1. their grandparents failed to pass on to their parents the necessary parenting skills that they were taught.
    2. our society is less founded on respect due than respect earned
    3. our society respects money and power over knowledge and wisdom
    4. our society respects 'self' over 'others'

    Only the latter is a result of the Thatcher years. In my opinion as a teacher and an observer of our society I am convinced that respect for those in authority has declined to the point where children of little knowledge and no experience feel entitled to challenge any authority figure for any reason without fear of consequences and this spills over into band as well as into the classroom.

    I even get children questioning my statements of fact about music or about what I have just asked them to do as part of a lesson.

    Me : "Open your books and draw a treble clef on the 2nd stave. Put a 4/4 timesignature and divide the staff into 4 bars"
    Child : "What?" (Note the lack of title)
    Me : "Open your books and draw a treble clef on the 2nd stave. Put a 4/4 timesignature and divide the staff into 4 bars"
    Child : "That's not what you said"
    Me : "Yes it is."
    Child : "No it isn't"
    Me : "What did I say then?"
    Child : "Open your books and draw a treble clef on the 1st stave. Put a 4/4 timesignature and divide the staff into 4 bars"
    Me : "No I said the 2nd stave. We always draw our music on the 2nd stave. We never write music on the first stave. Look in your book. Find me any place where we've drawn notes on the first stave..."
    Child : "Can't find one."
    Me : "Well then..."
    (BTW, the internal conversation was along the lines of "Child, I find you unbearable. What a pity your mother didn't feel the same.")
  13. Pythagoras

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    Everything Mike said.

    Some of the rudeness you see as a teacher is unbelievable. Not good though when some adults in band think it is quite OK to carry on talking when the conductor is speaking.
  14. weenie

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    It's certainly not the same as it was when I first started which is a great shame, mind you.......when you had Broadbent or Hurdley (in his younger days) in front of you, the last thing you would do is act disrespectfully.

    It does happen in bands quite a lot these days I think, a sign of the times perhaps??
  15. FlugelD

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    Not sure if it's respect or discipline - particularly self-discipline. You're part of a group, led by the MD - their word is law, and you should follow (or be ready to follow) their every move.

    For example, replying to a text, or finishing a conversation with your neighbour, is unacceptable (IMHO).

    (Speaking as someone who has, occasionally *, had absolutely NO respect for a 'supervisor/superior', but who has diligently followed their instructions.... ;) )

    * OK, frequently :rolleyes:


    Bring back national service, we d see a marked improvement in society as well as banding.
  17. brassbandmaestro

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    I dont think there's any need to go further, after mikelyons comment. Well said!!
  18. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    I think that children (and some adults) have much less respect in general.

    Training band is a good place to start instilling it though. I find that the children we have at our local training band are much more respectful and sit through rehearsals & concerts much better now than they did a year ago - maybe National Service in Banding should be introduced!
  19. brassbandmaestro

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    National Service should be brought back, anyway. look how standards have decreased since it was abolished!!!
  20. Lawrencediana

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    No. 4 here is probably the most telling, it seems today that peoples respect for their own opinion outweighs any respect due or deserved by anyone else. It is not just in band either, society as a whole now extols the virtues of the rights of individuals over society. People think they have the right to express their opinion whether or not it was asked for and indeed whether or not it caused offence. It has given society a misguided idea of what self respect is all about.
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