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  1. euphalogy

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    That is the point that disappoints me, a letter was sent to "the registry" by the band stating the same. That the cards be witheld until th £17 "debt" was repaid.
    After sustaining a weekly cost of £50+ in fuel alone, very very disappointing............
    We made some good friends (musically) while there, which makes it even more disappointing.
  2. Mesmerist

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    I can`t imagine Colin Johnson was too happy to get that letter. He is such a gentleman and always kind and helpful and efficient. Did you put in a bill for expenses?
  3. Thirteen Ball

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    Unless you've signed anything saying you'll make regular payments, the subscriptions you've paid are a gesture of goodwill to the organisation. They're not enforceable under law.

    As a Lawyer I used to know was fond of saying "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's not written on."

    I recently left a band. (For reasons which shall remain between me and them alone.) I gave them three months notice, advised that if they were to replace me before then I would step down without fuss, and even delayed my transfer to a new band so I could help them out when one of their own players dropped them in it a couple of weeks before a contest. I was given the paperwork to complete my tranfer pretty much as we came offstage.

    There are certainly no hard feelings on my part, and I very much doubt there are any on theirs.

    People move bands for a number of reasons - and that isn't going to change. Best thing to do is just wish them well, because you might be the one moving next.
  4. ian perks

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    Id go for number 1 but ........
    Unlike me i got stabbed in the back by my former band in January this year after they agreed to the terms i joined them in Oct 2008.
  5. towse1972

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  6. The Wherryman

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    I don't know what action you are taking in this case, but, IF there is a legally enforceable debt against you, the band's remedy is through the County Court, not by withholding the registration cards. The BBBR rules clearly state that the cards remain the property of the BBBR, so the band is totally out of order.

    If you haven't already done so, I suggest you ring the BBBR on 01226 779136 and have a chat.
  7. Getzonica

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    I left a band recently, and they were really helpful :)
  8. The Wherryman

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    Do you mean they helped you to leave :-? ;) Hmmm...
  9. Getzonica

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    lol no. I mean that when I explained how I could no longer commit, and asked them about transfering to another band, they were very helpful. :)
  10. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    we all have a opinion!!!!!
  11. towse1972

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    Its the "woe is me ive been sacked and im going to make sure everyone knows it" thing thats boring me. Someone pointed out to me on here once that it might be better for me in a spiritual sense if i moved on after i parted ways with a band. I pass this advice to you now.
  12. ian perks

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    Thank you what advice that is :rolleyes: i might think about it if i get a little bit bored anytime:biggrin:
  13. Elliebone

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    I really hope that litigation over £17.00 is not an option!!
  14. euphalogy

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    Silly is as Silly does!

    Noooooo!! you have known me some years now, and you know that i (we) wouldnt reduce ourselves to such levels. The matter was resolved by return of post, the process noted by registry, and the cards are now safely transferred, although i have returned to stick twiggling, i have "signed on" to kep my card active.
    As always, the very best of luck to you guys at Bedworth, and we look forward to seeing you all there.
  15. Elliebone

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    Glad to hear things have been happily resolved.

    See you at Bedworth - best of luck - looking forward to it! :)

    How I gave up this mad game for 18 years is now a mystery to me - what did I do with my time? :-D
  16. euphalogy

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    As i have told ya would have been a waste not to have you performing!! Onwards n Upwards!!
  17. Di B

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    Actually, any band is fully allowed to claim subs from people that haven't paid. It is usually something one agrees to when joining a band and IF you have any issues with paying subs you raise it at that point.
    Although there is no legal ruling, the fact you did pay subs previously and agreed to paying subs sets a precedence.

    The fact that you travel a long way is irrelevant. You chose to do this!! I am sure however, that the band were appreicative of your contribution while you were there.

    You fail to state in your mail that you had promised to pay your subs to date but didn't before you left the band.
    This had been an issue for a number of months too.

    With this broken promise in mind, I fully support the band in claiming subs back. Too many bandsmen take the pee when leaving bands and treat the bands appalingly.
    If you owe money, don't be tight!
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  18. towse1972

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    It still doesn't give the band the right to withold the cards which remain the property of the registry, not the band.
  19. euphalogy

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    Just for clarity, and accuracy, nobody ever at any stage indicated that i was required to pay subscriptions prior to or even after i joined the band. The matter first came to my attention when, the mother of the two youngsters was asked for subscriptions. This a woman who, at the bands request, deputised for missing players, and declined any offers ( which were made) of any remuneration for her playing contributions.
    I will always take my chance with the truth.
  20. Elliebone

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    It is surely a matter of contract law. It is not appropriate to generalise without all of the facts I think. However, it is a great shame that an enjoyable hobby should need to be governed by laws designed primarily for business contracts. :) No-one wins but the lawyers in arguments such as these and I repeat that I am pleased that good sense has prevailed and that matters have been amicably resolved. Good luck to all concerned for the future. :)

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