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  1. euphalogy

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    I just need to check out a minor irritation, as to what other bands would do in this situation!!

    3 people, one old boy (solo euph) and two young teenagers ( front row cornets) travel a 160 mile round trip from the East Coast into the east midlands for 16 months, attending whenever they are physically able given work, school commitments etc at a cost of roughly £26 per practise (the price of fuel). and a 2 hour journey there and 2 hour journey back.
    Doing their level best at all times culminating in a 2nd place and £1000 prize at Butlins 2010.
    Deciding to leave and join an band 20 minutes from home, giving the required and appropriate amount of notice.

    Would you........
    1/. Wish them well and thank them for their efforts to the cause

    2/. Ignore them as never ever having been there

    3/. Delay the transfer of their registration cards as they "owe" £17 (between them) in unpaid subscriptions.

    4/. Wait for one of their Legendary Socials

    I think it must be me!! any comments

    Alan N
  2. _si

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    oh god....its no.3 isnt it?
  3. _si

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    if so its an outrage!
  4. euphalogy

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    Yes!! It was No 3 very appreciative!!
  5. The Wherryman

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    Alan, are you asking this from the point of view of being a remaining member of the band or the 'old boy'? If the latter, how far do you live from Neatishead (Norfolk)? :tongue: NWB always welcome players and try to stay on good terms with those who leave us. One day they might wish to return ;)

    Band members are free agents (in the absence of any retainer or contract :rolleyes: ). People come and go for a variety of reasons and those reasons, whatever they may be, must be respected. It's very churlish, nay, childish, to go into a sulk just because someone wishes to move elsewhere.

    Delaying transfer of registration is never acceptable and could lead to sanctions being taken against a band that employed such a tactic.

    With the level of commitment you indicate, I would have thought the band would have waived subs. or given some contribution towards travelling costs.
  6. towse1972

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    The registration card is the property of the registry. It's not theirs...Contact the registry and report them. There actions are absolutely petty and unacceptable!
  7. The Wherryman

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    Alan, take a look at this thread , posts 37, 38 and 39.
  8. Rapier

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    I'd vote 1. But that's because I'm such a nice man. :)
  9. johnmartin

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    Don't know if England is the same but in Scotland the SBBA take the view that they are not a debt collection agency for band subs and that is not a valid reason for holding up a transfer. Subs are a contract entered into between the band and its player, they are nothing to do with the registry.

    I too would never hold up a players transfer without a very good reason. If someone has decided they no longer want to play for you then there is no point in trying to persquade them to stay.
  10. stevetrom

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    I have no knowledge or involvement in the situation being discussed but, just for the sake of a lively discussion, I thought I would add to the discussion.

    There are ways and means of leaving a band which may cause unrest:

    1. Timing - just before a concert/contest.

    2. Where to - to a rival band

    3. Taking other players with you

    4. Out of the blue, after expressing how committed you are to the band

    All of these (and many other factors) can affect the way your former band reacts to you leaving.
  11. The Wherryman

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    I think it always causes unrest in a band when someone leaves, whatever the reason, as there's a seat to fill and a 'new' player to get used to when it is filled. If a player makes a habit of leaving bands in the lurch, or in unhappy circumstances, they are likely to find it more and more difficult to find a band that would welcome them.
  12. Elliebone

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    Al, you know you're a good guy! They're just upset at losing you all. :)
  13. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Can never understand why bands get like this. No 1 of course.
  14. DublinBass

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    I'm leaning towards #1 (but might go with #2 or #4 given more info)
  15. KenIrvin

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    How can it be anything but #1 - unless there is more info that has not been revealed
  16. Getzonica

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    I'd go for 1
  17. Mesmerist

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    I`d do no 1 as well but I`m guessing thats not what happened here. Seen it before unfortunately but I believe most Bands will behave in a more mature and dignified way when a player leaves. Its the player`s free choice after all and its usually a decision thats been made carefully and with a lot of thought.
  18. euphalogy

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    The information is exactly as given, nothing whatsoever to hide.
    The youngsters are taught properly by me, never say boo to a goose, sit where told, when told, (part of the teaching) I am not known as a euphplayer who makes cock ups (i dont think) Did our level best all of the time which paid well at Butlins.
    The MD is one of lifes Gentlemen, who singularly, took the time to thank the three of us personally, genuinely, and sincerely.

    Alan N
  19. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    No problem with the MD, then.

    Do you have evidence that the delay in the transfer of registration is because you 'owe' subs, rather than being due to an inefficient or incompetent secretary?
  20. Kinrao

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    Nice to see that the MD acted in a positive way, more often than not your perception will be that of an individual rather than a band, however, as a band manager I have to remember that my actions could impact the band long after I've vacated that particular position.

    The situation cited seems a real no brainer but even when I've been faced with having conversations that have involved a full and frank exchange of views, I've always ended the discussion with genuine thanks and warm wishes to the player.

    Banding is a village - you never know where you'll end up so falling out with people isn't really and option.