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  1. Chunky

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    Who finds it very ironic that Ronnie Biggs gets released on a day when there are no trains running in East Anglia?
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    Welcome back, Mr Chunks - long time no see!

    Yes, that is ironic..... :eek:
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    Hey Chunky - and a very thought provoking thread once again.

    Can't we just let him die? He took part in a robbery and was involved in the murder of an innocent man. Someone should also gag his offspring.

    This is not very Christian, I know, but I don't hear anyone considering the feelings of the victim's family. They're too obsessed with the villain.
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    I'm no apologist for Biggs (the sooner he's gone the better) but this statement is inaccurate. The train driver passed away, seven or so years after the robbery, of Leukemia. It was never proven if this was linked to the events of 8th August 1963. What is proven however is that Biggs himself did not administer the blow that night, the assailant was never identified.
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    Better safe than sorry....
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    Funny how Biggs' desire to stop running coincided with the deterioration in his health that would have meant placing himself in the hands of the SUS - Brazil's public hospitals, which are of variable quality - or stumping up for private health insurance.
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    The transfer window is still open and I believe Norwich need anyone they can get.....

    We seem to be able to start wars over non existent WOMD, we fail totally to deal with the mass murder of the Mugabe regime yet moan about Biggs who didn't in fact kill anyone? Priorities need a little investigation here!