Is it just me or is it hard to find your way to the forum?

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    I have been a member of past brass band forums (that have had to close for one reason or another) and have recently joined this forum BUT i find it very difficult to find the forum page. There is no link at the top and I can click on a subject that I find interesting and get into the forum but I can't just clikc FORUM and get in to find out what people have been posting about. My problem is: if I don't find a featured topic or article interesting how do I find the list of recent topics to decide which ones I want to read? By the time I have worked all this out I am SERIOUSLY fed up. Is there an easier way? If not, why not? Thanks folks

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    Sorry you are frustrated. There are two ways to deal that I know:
    1) I'm not sure which skin you have, but under quicklinks you can click on "mark forums read"
    2) Alternativley you can click on home, then forums
    3) you'll see something that looks like the picture below and you just click on ""

    \/ > tMP Forum Intro, Rules & Info > 'How to...' on tMP - suggestions and how to.
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    There are a couple of ways to do this - from the portal page if you click "new posts" you will find all of the new posts (excuding the totally random forum) since your last visit. Or you could go to the menu bar 3/4 of the way up the screen and click on "forums" or "home" depending on your style. This will open a list of all the forums on tMP. There are also various new post searches available to you if you click on the "links" button found on the same menu bar.

    Hope this helps - and welcome to tMP

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    Too Slow!!!