Is Besson for sale?

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    This is part of an article that appears in Gig magazine dated 4 - 17 October 2005 that I received at work this morning;

    Speculation is rife that Besson, the UK's leading manufacturer of brass instruments, is about to be sold.

    A strong contender to buy Besson is Conn-Selmer, the largest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments and a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments.
    Premier, the biggest name in UK percussion, is another tip. The Leicestershire company is enjoying a renaissance after moving much of its manufacturing base to the Far East a couple of years ago.
    A dark horse could be US company Gemeinhardt, which has branched out from its traditional core market of flutes and is understood to be contemplating an expansion into European markets.

    Nobody at the Music Group or any of the other companies named was available for comment before Gig went to press.
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    There was certainly talk around at the Open weekend that a sale was in the offing, and even that some notable band personalities were considering a bid.
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    Just heard a short item on Radio 4 about the sale of Boosey and they are also speculating that the buyer will be The Music Group (also ChesterNovello). No mention of instruments as it relates mainly to the scooping up of the income from publishing and copyright money. Boosey have the rights to most 20th century composers (Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Bernstein and living composers, Birtwhistle, Carl Jenkins and Maxwell Davies etc) - they get the income for 70 years after death.

    Interesting comment from some composer that unlike book publishers the music industry get the composer to sign over their copyright - from then on it belongs to the publisher. Aparently with books the copyright stays with the author.
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    Correct... as well as with illustrators, graphic artists and potograph/image owners.
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    It depends very much on the individual contractual arrangement between author and publisher - I have co-authored a textbook in the final stages of production at the moment and copyright now completely belongs to the publisher - I just get % royalties, though with other books I have edited / written chapters for I just get a one off payment.

    There are various clauses in the contract about what happens in the case of second editions etc and even a clause covering 'movie rights' - so if anyone wants to make a movie about "Notes on Rabbit Internal Medicine" please contact me.
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    Try Nick Parkes he's just released a film about a Were-Rabbit
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    There's lots of stuff in my book about dental disease - & I guess the were-rabbit has oversized teeth - perhaps I can sue him for breaching my copyright - I'll have to go and watch it now !!!
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    No it's definately Boosey & Hawkes that's being sold and not some chocolate company ;)
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    The latest thing on the rumour mill (info provided by people fairly close to certain parties involved) is that Roger Webster (+ backers) is looking in to buying Besson.

    That would be interesting ... having someone who actually cared about Brass Bands in charge of making the instruments!
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    ... I've tried to find some information regarding The Music Group selling off the Besson range but nothing so far. As reported in the first post, they were 'unavailable for comment' regarding speculation!