is banding fantastic ?

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  1. its_jon

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    is banding fantastic ? :clap:

    can it be better ? :confused:
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    I love banding!!!! I love concerts, contests, following hubby and no1 son in their love of banding, the goss on banding websites :wink: - the whole kit and caboodle!:D What I don't like is the politics :mad: It's my main hobby in life so, if I'm not happy with something, I try and do something about it - and if that means moving on somewhere else because I'm not able to effect any positive change, I will. I don't believe in doing anything I don't believe in, if that makes sense!
    Can't think of anything I'd personally like to change
    ; the level of banding I'm at now is about right, so I resist the urge to picture myself sitting end seat any more, and do my bit on the back row putting in a stonking good 2nd cornet part, even if I say so myself! :D
  3. its_jon

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    Great news. :clap:
    Nice to see peole not everyone affected by politics.
  4. simonium

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    Without being dramatic, banding is the sole activity that I base my holidays, days off etc around. Since starting at the age of 16 I have been gently obsessed with this form of music-making. The politics and posturing that we sometimes find make me appreciate the positives even more.
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    It is the only form of music I love playing regularly and wil come back to time and time again... I have tried classical, wind band, jazz and pretty much everything in between and still I find myself returning to band practise every week (and trying to play with other brass bands too!). Nothing (at the time of writing :tongue: ) will change that!
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    So... Less Politics = Better Banding :clap: keeping our hobby enjoyable :p
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    Most of the "politics" I have come across (and frankly steered clear of) in the two bands I have played in seems to result from personal frictions that occur within any large group of folk. I think you just have to accept that not everyone wil be best friends and agree to disagree sometimes, or as my infant school teacher used to say "play together nicely". Generally a lot of the petty politics in banding is the result of two or more people with personality defects clashing. Most of these types seem to be slaves to their own colossal ego's, or bi-polar types with a bit of a screw loose. life is too short, and banding is just a hobby -enjoy it and leave your personal gripes at home, in the car, or even on the internet!
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    Try saying that around contest time when it becomes more important than even life or death, for some.
  9. ben16

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    quite right
    the corollary to this isn't always acknowledged - "politics" in one sense is literally unavoidable in a group - there can be good politics and bad politics - and people who claim to be anti-politics or claim to ignore politics can often be a cause of the latter.
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    Politics would appear to be deffined in two ways then.

    1) simple dissagreement
    2) overall banding politics

    I relate with the bi-polar comment.

    but... banding is fantastic :clap: its just the best isnt it.
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    As someone who has been suffering from, and taking medication for, depression for over a year now, I find the above comments to be both ignorant and insulting.
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    [​IMG] Originally Posted by hobgoblin [​IMG] types with a bit of a screw loose.
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by its_jon [​IMG]
    I relate with the bi-polar comment.

    I personally take 40mg of Citralopram daily for depression and I have done for several years now after I had a bad reaction to Fluoxetine.

    I take this for Depression.

    I started taking this medication after 'political issues' were raised in my local band which got very serious. One of the people involved was most probably bi-polar.

    I also work with the mentally disabled on a volentary basis within the field of music theropy recently helping them to perform a charity gig for Sue Ryder.


    I relate with the bi-polar comment

    I hope that goes in some way to assure you I have no intention to insult or be ignorent towards those who suffer from bi-polar issues.
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    Banding ey !......

    Its just great ! :clap:
  14. FlugelD

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    Thanks for the explanation and clarification.
  15. its_jon

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    Its GOOD to talk about it and you were right to raise awareness.

    As to whether something is interperated as offensive or not I am more liberal about.

    Myself... Do 'I' have a 'Screw Loose' .....
    Its maybe not the best way to put it (certanly there are other worse things that can be said) but, Yes, why not.
    The medication I am on helps to tighten that screw back to where it should be.

    Its the causes of mental health issues that I am personally more reactive towards.
    Myself, I was pushed hard by a group of individuals in a brass band that led me to a suicidal state.
    The last time I felt that way was when I was bullied as a child.

    Christmas is my worst time and a bad time for many sufferers of depression.
    You may like or identify with this brass band score I wrote.

    Depression can feel very solitary.
    I find comfort knowing I am not the only one.
    It was not until I was open about my condition that I found many others in the same situation.
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    On a good day, I'd probably have found the comments slightly annoying. Not full of joie de vivre today, so somewhat narked instead.


    I used to say that I wouldn't wish depression on my worst enemy. Now I'm coming round to the opinion that some people would learn a lot if they had a 'taster' for a week or so...

    Anyway, looking forward to enjoying playing again, rather than finding it a total PITA
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    All the best

    You still have John Dickson as MD at St.Davids ?

    My regards to him... Was the best thing to happen to one of my old bands when we had him help us out.
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    He was a breath of fresh air..

    solved so many problems so quickly..
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    Banding... Great ey :clap: