Is August a washout for rehearsals

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by BIG Paul, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. BIG Paul

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    Just wondering how do School holidays and annual holidays affect your rehearsal and concert schedule, Do you continue concerts or turn down all requests for the entire month of August?

    Do you struggle for players turning up to rehearsals.

    I remember a few years ago now when we only had three players turn up for a rehearsal due to holiday and other commitments, what can you do in these circumstances? if anything, fortunately we do not seem to suffer the same fate nowadays with nearly a full band.
  2. Darth_Tuba

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    We have about 4 weeks off over summer (sometimes more). We never have any jobs in August and it's a waste of time rehearsing with the empty seats. Usually get quite a few missing the few weeks either side of band hols too.
  3. PeterBale

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    We don't usually have any rehearsals in August, although the band continues to function on Sundays, usually as an amalgam between YP and senior players, plus the occasional reservist brought out of retirement!
  4. Di

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    We've just had a 2.5 week break and had our first rehearsal back last night. We had a full band of 27 plus three percussion, with just two still away on holiday. Excellent way to start a new season. :)

    IYOUNG Member

    We rehearse right through normally but this year we are having 2 weeks off late August only because one is the day after our weekend away in Bournemouth and then as it happens the next week is bank Holiday Monday.
  6. winterman

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    We normally take a 2 week summer break somewhere between the end of June and the end fof August depending on when the diary allows and also based on when the most people are away.

    We had our break in June this year and another week off this last week due to the number of absences booked. However August is always a problem and for us this year probably even more so as we are finalising lots of aspects like our new conductor and some new players before the headlong dash to the Nationals in September. It doesn't look good to prospectives when a fair few seats are empty when they come down, but it can't be helped.
  7. annmck

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    In Cornwall this is probably the most busiest time of the year, except Christmas. Most bands are out every weekend and sometimes during the week as well. We not only have concerts but carnivals as well requiring marches. Holidays etc pose a problem but Cornish bands help each other out depping. Thank you to all people who have depped for St Austell Town Band or Bugle Silver Band this summer.
  8. We have to contend with school holidays, university holidays, Northamptonshire factory holidays & Leicestershire factory holidays. They take up most of July, August & September - so we just keep going! Some rehearsals we have been down to just 8/10 players but we have bought some quintets from the site & downloaded some others free from the internet - that way we can still have a blow. In fact we had forgotten that playing in a small group can be fun - & sometimes more challenging! We haven't taken on any jobs in August & are very grateful to the deps who have helped us out in July.
  9. Charmed

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    For the first time ever we have decided to have a break. When our conductor is on hols we normally get a guest conductor in, but this year, over his 2 week holiday we also have between 8 and 14 members on hols and felt it wasn't worth bringing in a guest conductor for a low turn out of players. We normally book engagements right through the summer months, but this year we only have one booked in August. Dread to think how everyone's 'lips' will be when we return to rehearsals on the Wednesday as the engagement is on the Saturday! We also seem to have a lot more youth members in the band at the moment and quite a few of them, alongside their family hols, have commitments to school/youth band tours etc, and miss a lot of rehearsals during the school summer holidays. All I can say is roll on September when we can get back to normal!
  10. Fergus

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    We stopped our rehearsals mid - June, although we had engagemnts on 17th June and 1st July. We are not returning till 8th August, however, given that it's 10 months since our last break I have certainly appreciated it and will return to band with renewed enthusiasm.
    Each year we normally have the month of July off - finding it very beneficial to give everyone a break, however this year with lessening rehearsal attendance we decided to "bite the bullet" and extend our break.
    I'm hopeful that next Tuesday will be a return to healthy rehearsal attendance!!!
  11. alanl58

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    A break in August? you must be joking, we have no free time between mid June and beginning of September; too many holidaymakers to woo back for next year!

    Any players with a summer break who want to keep thier lip in would be more than very welcome here in Bude. www.budemetricbrass is a good place to start.

  12. HANNAH

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    We rehearse all the way through summer, which is the way I prefer it but the question of are rehearsals a wash out?! Damn, its not just the rehearsals its the jobs as well!!!
  13. DublinBass

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    I tried your link...but it didn't seem to go anywhere :-?

    Our band actually has no rehearsals from the second week of June until September (we normally have about 6 or so summer park jobs in that time).

    We do however, have one standing gig in August (and our only engagement in August), which is to read through the new Ohio State Marching Band arrangements and check for mistakes.
  14. agentorange

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    We carry on right through summer. We tend to have people on hols right from march to november so can't cancel for all that time! We sometimes cancel the occasional rehearsal if things get too dire but thats it.
  15. alanl58

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  16. eymsbrassband

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    We normally stop for two or three weeks during the summer, generally the last week of July and into August. But like many bands, several players have already taken their holidays, and some others wait until later in the year. Next year, because of our heavier than normal schedule in September/October 07, we are going to continue rehearsals throughout the summer, but just not take any engagements for a few weeks.

    Whilst you are on your summer break, what do your players do.
    Do they have a complete break from playing?
    Do they continue just blowing at home?
    Do they go to other bands and fill holiday gaps there?

    We seem to have a mixture of all three.
  17. stevetrom

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    In the past we have taken a break, this year were just doing a head count from week to week and seeing who is around.

    I did once have a rehearsal of sorts with just daveredhead and myself - most marches work as a sop and bass trom duet !