Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival 2007

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    Next weekend (14th & 15th July) will see the 3rd Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival which will be held at The Maws Craft Centre, Jackfield, near the world famous Ironbride in Telford. The idea of bringing the West Midlands' finest bands to one festival was the brainchild of Bob Scott, and after many months of preparation must be absolutely thrilled that the bands are again giving their time, free of charge, to raise money for The Severn Hospice Telford Appeal. The event will feature many bands over the weekend with a 'Last Night of the Proms' Concert on the Saturday evening hosted by the massed bands of Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) and Wem Jubilee Band.

    [​IMG] . . . [​IMG]

    The Worlds first Iron Bridge and the Maws Craft Centre

    Bands taking part:

    Saturday 14th July
    free entry
    Abraham Darby Band
    Stiperstones Brass
    Porthywaen Silver Band
    The Bell Inn Cleobury Mortimer Band
    The Phoenix West Midlands Brass
    Porthywaen Youth Band
    Wem Jubilee Band

    Last Night of the Proms Concert
    Hosted by Jim Hawkins BBC Radio Shropshire
    With the massed bands of Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band and Wem Jubilee Band
    Tickets: £5 each

    Sunday 15th July
    free entry
    Wem Jubilee Youth Band
    City of Wolverhampton Brass Band
    Newport Town Band
    Knighton Town Band
    Oakengates Salvation Army Band
    Wellington (Telford) Band
    Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) Band

    This is a great opportunity for anyone visiting Ironbridge next weekend to spend two days in the company of some of Shropshires finest bands, and with the exception of the Saturday evening concert all day time events are free. All the bands taking part will give a hours concert and with the inclusion of a giant all day BBQ, Beer Tent and the Maws Craft Workshops (plus a bit of sunshine) the whole weekend should again prove to be a huge success. If you are in the vicinity and would like a 'blow' I'm sure you would be accommodated.

    For further information regarding the Festival please call Bob Scott (Festival Organiser) on 07952 926550 or visit the Festivals website:


    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Cheers Roger, Looks a great bit of fun... I needed an excuse to look up old friends (& wives) around Jackfield area...

    I'll see if we can make it !!
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    Good luck from an old shropshire lad!
    Will try to make it up fpr a few beers.
  4. Boneman

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    Looking forward to weekend!

    Lets hope the weather holds!!
  5. Roger Thorne

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    The weather held off yesterday Simon, but it's pouring down this morning!

    Great to meet up with some old friends yesterday, in fact some I haven't seen in more than 10-12 years or so! We must keep in touch more often folks!

    Heard a few bands yesterday but I must comment how impressed I was with The Phoenix West Midlands Brass. An absolutely outstanding band, and one I'd certainly tip for a top prize at Harrogate later this year.

    This is a great festival with a fantastic atmosphere and one I hope continues to grow in the coming years.

    Good luck to all the bands playing today and I hope the weather doesn't dampen your spirits too much.

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    Thanks Roger! We loved playing yesterday as it was so different to the usual events we normally do. We did have a few doubts about our programme whether it would be entertaining enough but people seemed to love it!

    Hear hear!! I must be honest I didnt know anything about it until yesterday but I know how hard people must work organising such an event. Well done all involved - the organisers & all participating bands.
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    I've not long got back from Ironbridge.
    Soaked through, but Fantastically happy!
    It started off rather Wet as the youth band took to the stage, and it proceeded to get wetter as we performed ( well i did anyway), every time i took a step back (i'm a bit of an energetic conductor!!) The rain that had congregated in the many puddles on the roof ran down my flipin neck!!!!
    i was extremely impressed with the standard of our youth band today. They always seem to pull it out of the hat when required>

    i would also like to echo Roger's comments earlier, i Thought Phoenix West Midlands Brass were in fine form, one of the outstanding performances of the weekend for me.

    Congratulations should go to Bob Scott and the organizing committee for again putting on fantastically organized event. well done everybody
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    there seems to have been a lot of bands there over the weekend. how did all the logisitics of not playing the same pieces and timings go??
  9. ste77

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    well done everyone who played in the rain!! enjoyed the day and loved our concert programme well done wellington MD! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/
  10. super_sop

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    Wem Youth band play at the event for the first time

    The Ironbridge Band Festival
    Saturday 14th July & Sunday 15th July 2007
    Ironbridge has held a band festival for the past 3 years, when a variety of bands come from all over the place to the Maws Craft Centre.
    This year the Wem Jubilee Youth band got involved. The Senior Band played on the Saturday and the Youth Band played on the Sunday.
    The Senior band were lucky with the weather, played on sunny Saturday. The Youth Band were not so lucky, and played on the soaking Sunday.
    The Youth Band had to arrive at the venue at 10:30 (at the latest!) so that they had time to set up and to check we had all the music and everyone was there. We were due to start at 11am and finish at 11:45am, but the band was missing some pieces of music and therefore had to replace these pieces so they were running a bit late.

    As it was raining Corrine and Francine had to go round and dry the chairs with tissues!
    The marquee that the band played under was much better than the one they had at Myddle (the one at Myddle leaked and we got soaked!)

    The Youth Band played:
    • Three Renaissance Dances – Bransle, Pavane and Galliard
    • Bambi’s Theme “Love is a Song”
    • Vivaldi’s Winter from “The Four Seasons”
    • Pachelbel’s Cannon
    • Afternoon Cowboy
    • Dances With Wolves (The John Dunbar Theme)
    • Lloyd
    • Beauty And The Beast
    • Toccata in D Minor
    The band weren’t originally going to play Pachelbel’s Cannon and Afternoon Cowboy but due to missing music they replaced 2 pieces with these.

    After the youth band played, I stayed to listen to the City of Wolverhampton Band. This band was running late as the man with the music was delayed. Craig, Nigel and Abigail also played in this band as they were lacking players!

    I had a great time playing in the band festival although it was raining again!

    Posted on behalf of the Charlotte Brown, Euphonium Wem Jubilee Youth Band