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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by brownrob, Oct 22, 2005.

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    Hey folks!

    As the title suggests, Im an Irish sop player, from County fermanagh! What it didnt tell you is that im 23, and a lazy student to boot :clap: . I started sop in february with a local band (probably Irish grade 3/4) having stormed out of my previous band! (not really, band politics are a horible thing ;) ) I played principal Bb Cornet with those other guys and I was a finalist in local young musician of the year (many moons ago!) Still looking for a nice cheap Schilke or Sovereign sop to buy :D

    When Im not messing about in a band, Im usually farming (!) and playing badminton and other boring stuff... like pubbing and clubbing, all the stuff young folk do! Freinds say Im a bit like dougal from Fr Ted, and its not a compliment! :confused:

    I also visit flatmates from college in Edinburgh from time to time so if any bands in that area wouldnt mind a sop player (can play regular Bb too, yes its that bad you cant tell the difference!) but i rambled on enough, the rest of me is shrouded in mystery ;) :biggrin:
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