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  1. hornguy1

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    Hi all, I wondered if anyone had, or knows where I can find, a midi file for the Irish Blessing, either the original vocal version or the band version.
  2. Hi, I've found the best site for looking for midi files is as follows: -

    Provided that there is a midi version of the Irish Blessing out there in the ether then that site should find it.

    Hope this helps
  3. Cyndy

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  4. hornguy1

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    Thanks for the replies so far. The reason I need a MIDI file is so I can arrange it for my wind band at school, if anyone has the printed music that would be fine to do it from. Really would love the kids to play something that emotional. The polysteel version is beautiful by the way!
    Hope more people can help.
  5. brassneck

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    - I hope you have asked for copyright permission to arrange it ;)
  6. euphfanhan

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    I don't know if they still do, but Wingates used to have a full track recording on their site.
  7. Aidan

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  8. BigHorn

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    Isn't Irish Blessing a traditional Irish tune. Is it actually credited to a particular composer ?
    If not can't anyone make their own arrangement?
  9. Texus

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    I have a winds version taken fromthe band version that i used for a massed concert. PM me your address and i will forward a sib + midi file.
  10. brassneck

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    - the words of the Irish Blessing may be in the public domain but the music written for them (which comes in various forms) would have to checked for copyright.
  11. jingleram

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    Where on the website is it?
  12. Ali

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    I dont think that Steve Bradnum (the arranger of the piece and copyright holder) would be too impressed if he logged on to this thread!
  13. BigHorn

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    Steve Bradnum's arrangement is the one brass bands are most familiar with - but all he did was arrange it from a Joyce Eilers Bacak arrangement of a traditional Irish melody.

    Surely all he owns is the copyright to his own arrangement not the traditional tune.
    I have heard this tune done for choral groups and folk groups.
    If you make another original arrangement from the traditional tune surely you are not infringing anybody's copyright.
  14. Cyndy

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    They have recently updated their website, and it seems to have been taken off!!
  15. VenusTromster

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    Why not?:confused:

    Hornguy1 hasn't said he is using Steve's arrangement, and he has also not mentioned that he is or isn't intending to check for copyright if they do. It was a simple question of is there a midi file!

    Irish Blessing is a traditional tune that comes in many various arrangements, not just Steve's version.
  16. brassneck

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    - Surely The Irish Blessing is a poem, not a traditional Irish tune? Joyce Bacak created an SATB a cappella composition to express the lyrics which proved to be popular with audiences. You can compare Steve Bradnum's excellent arrangement of her music with the sample attached ...
  17. BigHorn

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    Sorry to labour the point, but on the top of your pdf it clearly says Traditional Music and arranged by Joyce Eilers Bacak.
    You are correct in that An Irish Blessing is a piece of text (usually a spoken farewell) and not a piece of music. So I would agree that you are on dodgy ground if you arranged the traditional tune and refered to it as An Irish Blessing as that was clearly Bacak's idea.
    However, if you retitled it I still reckon the basic tune is up for grabs.
  18. tedmundo

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    Cover page of a Winwood Music publication:

    "Joice Eilers Bacak
    The Irish Blessing
    arranged for Wind Band by

    Stephen Bradnum

    GRADE 3"

    Music Exchange of Manchester have/had this as their catalog number 1896654
  19. if you need the parts to this, stephen bradnum is actually bass trom at dobcross so i can just speak to him at the next rehearsal if you like? pm me if you want to get in touch with him, i can easily pass on his number to you.
  20. midnight_euph

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    Original words... no copyright.
    'may the road rise to meet you,
    may the wind be ever at your back,
    may the sun shine warm upon your face
    and the rain fall softly on your fields;
    til we meet again, may God hold you
    in the hollow of His hand.'

    The tune is exactly at the pitch at which you intone it (if you think about it)... and is a so-called 'folktune'.

    we have a rather nice version at Ratby Band that I'm very proud to say our young and up-coming corner players do very well.


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