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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by andy;-), Jan 21, 2004.

  1. andy;-)

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    Anyone know of any bands near Cootehill in Co. Cavan - I am over in the area fairly regularly during the year visiting the misses family and am wondering if there are any bands near by where I can have a blow during these visits.
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  3. Keppler

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    hmm Cootehill...

    being from the other end of the country, I suppose I'm missing loads, but here's a few.

    There's definately a (concert) band in Kingscourt, Cavan, but their website is down at the moment, and I can't locate contact details for you
    Kingscourt is about 15 miles from Cootehill.

    Other options include a band in Monaghan Town (about 15 miles in the other direction) and a youth band in Belturbet (about 10 miles away) but I think this is an accordian band. Hard to find out info.

    If you're willing to travel, There are a few bands on the go in Co. Meath. Drogheda, Lourdes, Kells, Navan (x2) are all friendly, and there's Dundalk in Co. Louth. Alternatively, I'm sure you'd be tripping over bands across the border in the North.

    Hope this helps.
    P.S. If you're ever in the south, give us a shout..
  4. andy;-)

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    Thanks for that.
  5. On the Horn

    On the Horn Member for the drogheda brass band if you wish to get in contact with them - not sure how much of a drive that is.

    My old band top section.
  6. Despot

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    There's actually a little band in Cootehill who were in contact with me last year, I'll send details on later. I remember there was a band in Dundalk as well.

    Kepps was just on to me and what he listed are the best bands to visit.
    I'm the secretary of the SE Region IABCB :cry: so I'll dig through my records later and see what I can find.

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