Ireland CollieryChesterfield band Battle of the bands 2012

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    The date for Ireland Colliery Chesterfields entertainment contest battle of the bands in Staveley Chesterfield has been set for Sunday 17th June

    This contest is open to 3rd/4th and Unregistered Bands and there is a training band section as well.

    If you would like more details please let me know.

    We are alos looking at holding a solo and duet contest on the Saturday 16th all in the speedwell rooms Staveley Chesterfield.

    This year the contest will be part of the first ICCB beer festival that will be held all weekend from the friday night till the sunday night so it should be a great weekend of music making watch this space
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    We now can confirm that we will be holding a solo, duet and quartet contest on Saturday 16th June as well in the speedwell rooms staveley entry forms can be had from the band at the contest will start at 11am
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    If you havent got your entry in for this years event then please get them as we have had a lot of interest for this contest.

    If you would like to know more about the contests and the weekend please visit

    Over the next couple of weeks more details will be added to the website