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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by IJK, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. luigibob

    luigibob New Member

    have you got a spare sop as i sometimes stop in chesterfield
  2. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    We still need 1 front row, 3rd cornet, Euph and Bb Bass player.

    We are a young team who want to progress, we need some experienced players to join the ranks and help the young ones.
  3. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Is there no one in the Chesterfield area looking for a band?
  4. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Thanks to a lovely Champ band in the Midlands area taking one of our solo cornets we are now after 2 FRONT ROW CORNET PLAYERS .

    So please anyone looking for a band and want to help this old band get the results the young ones want come and have a blow.
  5. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    We hopefully soon will have some new and old signings to report on the cornet line.

    But we still need to find 1 Bb Bass player

    also a 2nd Trombone player to help a young guy progress

    So come down for a blow!!!!!!!!!
  6. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member

    Hiya Mel, its Andy (ex United Co-op Yorkshire) here. Hope you get all the players you need, your band is a credit to all up-and-coming players who want to get further in their careers within banding.

    Plus its a good laugh down there!!
    Anyone looking for a band in Chesterfield / South Yorks area should give them a try...... I should know, I helped them out!!!!

  7. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Chesterfield area band

    Due to our young solo euph player being enticed to a higher section band, we are now looking to recruit a euph player to lead the line. Please contact 07929524668 for details etc.
  8. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Thanks for that Andy.

    A message to luigibob, yes.
  9. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    We have some new faces in the band who are working with us to get the best out of the team
  10. dyl

    dyl Active Member

  11. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Solo/2nd Trombone needed

    Due to commitment problems, Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Brass Band are after a Solo or 2nd Trombone player to lead the line and help the band progress. We have a young team but get over 20 people at every practice.

    If you fancy coming for a blow we practice in Staveley near Chesterfield on a Tuesday night so PM me if you want to know more.

    We are also on the look out for tw0 front row cornets and a Solo Euph to complete the line up

    why dont you check our website
  12. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

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  13. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Chesterfield band needs strength in depth

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band under the musical direction of Ian Knapton, have a band of 25 players also it has a training band of 13 under the direction of Cath Heelin.

    The band has a mix of talented young and old players but needs a bit more of the mature player to help the band grow.

    We do have an average attendance of 22 at practice but 6 of those are horn players. So we are on the look out for

    1 front row player
    1 solo Euph
    1 Bb Bass
    1 solo trombone

    We practice once a week on a Tuesday in Staveley near Chesterfield and now have moved back the start time to 7.30pm. We do have a mix of concerts and contests for the 2006 plus a week long trip to France in July.

    So why dont you PM or go to our website

    We are a band who always gives its best and trys to have fun along the way
  14. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    Euph and Bb Bass needed in Chesterfield

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band are still looking out for A Euph and Bb Bass player to join the 27 players we have at the mo. We have a mix of young and old and a mix of talent all working for the same goal to play great music and enjoy it!!!!

    With some new faces already joining the band in the new year the place to be is ICCB

    contact me by PM and I will call you.
  15. ICCB

    ICCB New Member

    we have filled the Euph seats but still looking for Bb Bass for the areas so if you want to play in the 4th section at the Midland area then contact us.
  16. IJK

    IJK Member

    The few remaining seats

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band

    ICCB are only a few players short of a full team in all areas. We are looking for 1 2nd Cornet, 1 Euph Player to lead the bands 2 young players and 2 Bb Basses to come and play with the bands 4 Eb Bass players.

    If you feel you need a change of scenery, then come along and give us a try, we practice Tuesday nights at Staveley church hall just 5 mins jct 30 M1, simply turn up, or tel Mel on 07929524668 anytime.
  17. IJK

    IJK Member

    Are you looking round Chesterfield for a friendly band?

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band

    2 cornet players and 2 Bb Bass players needed for a young, hard working band. This is to take us forward at the 2007 Midland 4th Section Areas. We practice in Staveley near Chesterfield twice a week.

    If your interested to come and have a blow and meet the band and it's MD Ian Knapton then contact Mel on 07929524668. You will be made to feel very welcome and we are sure you will have a great time.

    Or PM me
  18. IJK

    IJK Member

    Cornets in Chesterfield

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band []

    Looking for 2 cornet players to complete the line up for 2007. We have a young and commited team so why not come down for a blow.

    We practise on a Tuesday and Friday night in Staveley near Chesterfield. Why not contact Ian on 07919553016 for more details.
  19. IJK

    IJK Member

    Cornets Chesterfield

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield (4th Section) need a couple of cornet players to complete the ranks.

    Is there anyone out there who thinks they are up to the job?

    We Practise Tuesday and Friday nights

    PM me if your interested.
  20. IJK

    IJK Member

    Are you a bass player looking to move?

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band are on the look out for 2 full time Bb Bass players to join this team of talented players.

    We are a friendly bunch and enjoy what we do.

    We have a full calendar of contests and concerts and also a CD planned for later in the year.

    We practise Tuesday and Friday in Staveley near Chesterfield.

    PM if you would like to come down for a blow.

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