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  1. ICCB

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    The Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band and Staveley Town Council would like to invite Bands to an entertainments contest to be held on Sunday the 25th June at the Speedwell Rooms in Staveley, near Chesterfield, starting at 10am.

    The entry fee is £25, with £5 being refunded on collection of remarks.

    The closing date for entries is 10th April and it is only open to 10 bands and is a non registered contest.

    If you would like more details PM me and I will email you with rules and entry letter.

  2. Much as we'd be in it for the glory, what's the prize money?

    Any rules on programme? Length, content? Open or closed adjudication? Marking - just music or "entertainment value" too?

    Will it be divided into sections or just a free-for-all?

    Any borrowing rules?

  3. postie

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    Always good to see new contests popping up very good luck with it.
  4. ICCB

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    Ireland Colliery Band and Staveley Town Council Entertainments Contest
    Sunday 25th June 2006 Start time 10am. Speedwell Rooms Staveley.
    Contest Rules
    Own choice entertainment programme no more than 25 minutes including your compere and each band will lose 5 points for every 2 minutes they go over this.

    Each band must include 1 solo item.

    Non-registered contest with up to 30 players, but a list of players must be submitted to the contest committee no later than the 18th June 2006.

    Each band will have 5 minutes to get on and off stage and will lose 5 points for every 2 minutes they go over this.

    The bands programme and percussion layout, to be forwarded to the contest committee no later than the 18th June 2006.

    Each band to provide their own compere.

    1 band official to represent the band to act as adjudicator for Bands Award Prize. And will be needed from 9.45am on the day of contest (They do not vote on their own bands performance)

    There will be 2 adjudicators, 1 in closed adjudication for music, and 1 open for entertainment, both marks will be totalled to determine winners.

    The Entertainment judge will be marking out of 50 in four areas these are

    · Deportment on and off stage
    · Musical choice
    · Stage presence
    · Entertainment


    1st Place – trophy + £200
    2nd Place – trophy + £100
    3rd Place – trophy + £50
    Best Soloist – trophy
    Best Bass Section – trophy
    Best Trombone section – trophy
    Best Percussion – trophy
    Bands Award – trophy
    If you have any questions regarding the rules please contact the contest commitee
  5. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    So do we know who is going (which bands)? anyone coming along to watch?
  6. cherrybassett

    cherrybassett Member

    Hopkins Blidworth Band will be there.
  7. I hear (and correct me if im wrong) that Thurcroft and Carlton are going?

    Tim - we're there!
  8. IJK

    IJK Member

    Contest is all go for tomorrow

    it all kicks off at 12pm and will be finished by 4pm for the other kick off.

    The bands playing are

    Carlton Brass
    Carlton Training Band

    It should be a great day so why dont you come and support this small contest
  9. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    well I'm looking forward to it. will there be much to do (bar, food etc?) or will it be a case of popping round to morrison's?
  10. Results:

    1st Stannington
    2nd Carlton Brass

    cant remember rest so if other fill in the result please.

    BBb Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band
  11. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Entertainment Prize Stannington
    Best Soloist - Andy Allison Carlton Brass
    Best Lower Section Band Carlton Brass Training Band.

    Thanks to all at Ireland Colliery Band and StaveleyTown Council for the event it was very well run and well attended. We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope you do it again next year and hopefully get a couple more bands.

    Well done Stannington you played really well and deserved your win. :tup

    PS - Did you see Carlton Brass Training Band's Flugel Solo - That was my daughter that was :p

    Very,very proud Dad:oops:
  12. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    well done kirkby
  13. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    Thanks Bighorn, it's nice to not have the usual post contest aftermath!;)

    It was a good day, great little competition, very well organised (well done Ireland!!:clap: ) it'd be nice to see a few more bands there next year possibly??? All the bands were very friendly and all seemed to chat with each other at the bar afterwards........what a great atmosphere!:tup :tup

    Not to blow our own trumpets - so to speak - but we got the bands rep award also, which is a great idea for any entertainment contest, and probably as important to any band as the Adjudicators 1st prize!

    Well done to all the bands who played yesterday, and thanks for a great little contest.
  14. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    We did, and the general comments from most people around the hall, certainly those I was with, was what a wonderful sound she had. Please pass on congratulations to her and best wishes for the future, a flugel player to look out for methinks.
  15. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Can I also add (as I am now on the computer for more time)...

    1) A very well organised and enjoyable contest, not just because we won ;)

    2) A friendly atmosphere, both at the contest and in the pub afterwards where we watched the match - the locals genuinely seemed interested that we had just played in a band contest, and had heard of Ireland Colliery Band. I doubt the same can be said of many of the locals in Stannington, or other villages.

    3) A good crowd turn out, including those not playing.


    Where were the best Trombone Section prize I'd hoped for (and best Percussion/Bass Section)?

    How hot was it!!? Thought we'd lost our top man (Squirrel) after his solo, nearly did a David Beckham on us.
  16. I went along yesterday (Stannington groupie) and i was very impressed with her playing and i was very intregued about her 4 valved flugel!
    She had such a lovely sound, and can tell she will be one to watch out for in the future, and to say it was her first solo in a contest, i thought she did outstandingly well.

    Overall, the contest was well organised and i enjoyed it very much!
  17. IJK

    IJK Member

    Well I can say from Ireland Colliery, that we all enjoyed our day and we are so glad that you all enjoyed your's.

    Timbloke we had to hold the Trombone and Bass award this year but come back next year and who knows??

    We will be holding the contest next year and will be talking to Kirkby and other contests in the area so that we don't all fall on the same day.

    All the bands that came this year will be invited plus it will be open to other bands.

    Well done to all the prize winners, All the performances had something different.

    I hope you liked the idea of the bands Rep award and hope the comments they made to your performances had some meaning.

    Thank you to Staveley Council for giving us the Speedwell rooms for the day, Steve Pitchard Jones ,Martin Thacker, Richard Keighley and All the Members of ICCB

    And of course to Mel Frost who pushed the council to get a contest in Staveley.

    Thank you

    Ian Knapton
    Contest Controller
    MD of ICCB
  18. cherrybassett

    cherrybassett Member

    Was there any prize money. Only it wasnt mentioned in the programme and it wasnt announced when the prizes were given out either.

    Very disappointed on our result. Steve Pritchard Jones didnt enjoy our programme and said we were to loud. Loud i dont think so. We didnt expect to win but we didnt expect to be beaten by a band 2 sections lower either.

    The contest was run extremely well for a first time, but it was a shame that categories for prizes werent adhered too. Not very good when you have already advertised them. I do think it was extremely warm in there and our 2nd baritone player collapsed when we came off stage which wasnt good.

    Congratulations to Carlton for getting one over on us I think that is the first you have beat us in the past 12 months.

    Good contest.
  19. IJK

    IJK Member

    CherryBassett we all have our moans and we will learn from them.

    The only prizes which were missing from the first letter sent to all bands were

    Best Trombone
    Best Basses
    Best Percussion

    I do agree it was hot in the hall and we will look into that for next year.

    But at the end of the day we can't all be winners but we can just enjoy having a great day of entertaining music and I do believe the band that beat you are 1 section below if you are still in the 2nd section?

    I forgot to mention a big thankyou to Carl Ramplin and family for donating the soloist Trophy in memory of his Wife Elma
  20. Steve Gittins

    Steve Gittins New Member

    As the conductor of Kirkby Colliery Welfare band may I say a big thank you to everyone at Ireland Colliery for arranging a cracking days banding and wish you all success with your own personal banding for the rest of this year.

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