Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Battle of the Bands 2007

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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band in conjunction with Staveley Town Council are pleased to announce they are to hold the 2nd annual Battle of the Brass Bands contest, an entertainment contest with each participating band playing their own choice of music for around 25 minutes.

    This years event is being contested by seven bands, these are; Carlton Brass, Deepcar Brass, Hopkins Blidworth Welfare, Kirkby Colliery Welfare, Long Eaton Silver Prize, Shirland Youth and Stannington Brass.

    The event is being held at the Speedwell Rooms, Inkersall Road, Staveley (S43 3JL), on Sunday the 24th June. Doors open at 11.00am with the contest commencing at 12.00 noon, entry is £3 for adults and £2 for children, refreshments are available on the day.

    Don’t miss it, come along on the day for a great afternoon’s entertainment, and listen to the quality of music being performed by bands representing all sections, from the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire regions.
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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield
    Brass band
    Battle of the Bands

    1st Stannington Brass Band (Derek Renshaw) 131 points
    2nd Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Brass Band (Malcolm Bevan) 123 points
    3rd Long Eaton Brass Band (Sharon Stansfield) 118 points
    = 3rd Deepcar Brass Band (Gavin Somerset) 118 points

    All placing are the music, Deportment and Entertainment points added together

    Highest placed Lower section band
    Deepcar Brass Band (Gavin Somerset)

    Band Person Award sponsored by Thos C Wild Ltd
    Stannington Brass Band (Derek Renshaw)

    Best Soloist Sponsored by Keith Wardle
    Andrew Allison, Solo Cornet Carlton Brass Band

    Deportment and Entertainment Shield Sponsored by Staveley Neighbourhood Management
    Stannington Brass Band (Derek Renshaw)

    Thank you to the 6 bands who came down and gave some fine performances. We hope everyone had a great afternoon as well.

    Hope to see you all next year
  3. IJK

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    Program Blidworth
    FANFARE from Carmina Burana

    The Stars and Stripes Forever March Sousa

    Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso J.B. Senaille arr Denis Wright Baritone Solo

    Whatever Will Be Will Be arr J. Riselly Quartet

    Just A Closer Walk arr Alan Fernie

    Gaelforce Peter Graham

    Program Shirland Youth

    Cossack W. Rimmer

    I don't know how to love him arr. Graham Walker

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy arr. Ray Woodyield

    Abide with me

    Dawn by the Riverside arr. Alan Fernie

    Program Stannington

    Valero - James Swearingen Arr. Sandy Smith

    Gypsy Dream (2nd Movement from ‘Call of the Cossacks’) – Peter Graham

    O My Beloved Father (Cornet Solo) - Giacomo Puccini Arr. Sandy Smith

    Pirates of the Caribbean – Music by Klaus Badelt - Brass band arrangement by John Blanken

    Trombola (Trombone Trio) – Frank Bryce

    Entrance of the Queen of Sheba – Handel – Brass Band Arrangement by Kevin Holdgate

    St Louis Blues March from Glenn Miller Special – Arranged Derek Ashmore

    Program Carlton Brass Band

    Breezin' Down Broadway - Goff Richards

    Carnival of Venice - Del Staigers (Cornet Solo)

    Gabriels Oboe - E. Morriconi

    Trio Con Brio - Arr. Gordon Langford

    Overture - The Lincoln Imp - Alan Fernie

    Program Long Eaton

    Ravenswood - Willianm Rimmer

    The Water is Wide - arr. Andrew Duncan

    Grand Fathers Clock- Geo. Doughty solo Carl Ramplin

    Just a closer Walk - arr. Alan Fernie

    Paddy's Wake

    Mack and Mabel - Jerry Herman arr.Keith Wilkinson

    Program Deepcar Brass Band


    The Way we were

    Flash dance – what a feeling

    Repton (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind)

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    Full Results brak down for Music, Deportment and Entertainment.

    Entertainment Deportment Adjudication Total
    Stannington Brass Band
    22 20 90 132
    Hopkins Blidworth Welfare
    20 16 87 123
    Long Eaton Silver Prize Band
    21 17 80 118
    Deepcar Band
    20 20 78 118
    18 14 84 116
    Carlton Brass
    17 15 83 115
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  5. Belfast Barman

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    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Blimey Ian, couldn't you have just put all that info in the 1 reply! ;)

  6. IJK

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    Here you go the final points for you all of the Bands Rep award which was judged by the 6 bands rep for the day.

    Band name Blidworth Shirland Stannington Carlton Long Eaton Deepcar Total Place
    Blidworth x 27 30 29 37 33 156 6
    Shirland 40 x 31 38 46 38 191 3
    Stannington 42 37 x 40 40 45 204 1
    Carlton 38 30 36 x 49 33 186 4
    Long Eaton 38 36 36 45 x 38 193 2
    Deepcar 35 29 32 32 44 x 172 5
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