Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band 5th Battle of the bands contest 2011

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  1. IJK

    IJK Member

    The date has been set for the 5th Battle of ther band entertainment contest held by Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band.

    The date of this event is Sunday 26th June 2011 any 3rd or 4th section band interested in detaisl please contact the band through their website. The prize money will be £300 for the winner and then prizes for 2nd, 3rd etc...

    There will be a youth section as well this year with prize money £100 for the winner

    for more details and rules go to
  2. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    News so good you thought you'd post it twice :tongue:

    Any chance of a full line-up a couple of weeks before the event? Would love to run it in the league, thanks
  3. IJK

    IJK Member

    If you would like an entry form sent to you regarding this contest then please email

    And we will get an entry form sent out this week
  4. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Long Eaton are definately interested also our training band :)
  5. IJK

    IJK Member

    Enrty forms have been sent out to all Yorkshire and Midland 3rd/4th section bands if your band would like to enter and have not recieved an entry form please contact us.

    At the moment we have had interest from a number of bands but we can only hold 10 bands in the main section so get your entries in fast as it is very good pize money for a small contest. You dont find many entertainment contests for 3rd and 4th section bands paying out what this contest does!!!!
  6. IJK

    IJK Member

    We now have the max number of bands that we can take on the day. So we are closing off the entry today. If any band hasnt contacted us but would like to be put on the reserve list please contact us.

    There is a total of 10 bands in the 3rd/4ht and unreg section and 2 in the training band section. This is the largest number we have had and we are looking forward to a great day of entertainment

    A list of the bands will be going up in the next day or two
  7. IJK

    IJK Member

    List of entered bands

    Training bands section

    Long Eaton Silver Training band
    Thurcroft Welfare Training band

    3rd/4th and Unregistered section

    Dronfield brass band (4th section)
    Thrucroft Welfare band (3rd Section)
    Ashover brass band (Unregistered)
    Keele University brass band (Unregistered)
    Rolls Royce Derby Band (3rd section)
    Market Rasen band (4th section)
    Newhall brass band (4th section)
    Ripon City band (3rd section)
    Long Eaton Silver brass band (3rd section)
    Oughtibridge brass band (4th section)
  8. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Paddy's ill-informed opinion...

    Ripon City - 2/1 fav
    Long Eaton Silver - 5/2
    Dronfield - 11/2
    Rolls Royce (Derby) - 11/2
    Newhall - 9/1
    Keele University - 14/1
    Thurcroft Welfare - 18/1
    Oughtibridge - 25/1
    Ashover - 28/1
    Market Rasen - 33/1
  9. euphalogy

    euphalogy Member

    Very generous Paddy !! 10 Paddy£ EW @ 33/1 Nice!!
    Whatever the prices and prizes, it promises to be a great day and a great competition.
  10. IJK

    IJK Member

    This Sunday the 5th battle of the bands will take place.

    Can Dronfield reclaim the top prize and take back to Yorkshire? or can the title of ICCB battle of the bands 2011 be taken back to the Midlands for the first time in its history?

    The whole event kicks off at 10.30am at the Speedwell Rooms Staveley near Chesterfield the doors open at 10am and the draw is


    Battle of the Bands

    Junior Contest

    Arrival time Playing time

    9.30am Thurcroft Welfare Training Band 10.30am

    10am Long Eaton Silver Prize Training Band 11am

    Main Contest

    Arrival time Playing time

    10.30am Dronfield CMW Band 11.30am

    11.10am Keele Brass Band 12.10pm

    11.50am Market Rasen RPC 12.50pm

    12.30pm Ashover Brass Band 1.30pm

    1pm Newhall Band 2pm

    1.40pm Long Eaton Silver Prize Band 2.40pm

    2.20pm Thurcroft Welfare Band 3.20pm

    3pm Rolls Royce (Derby) Band 4pm

    3.40pm Ripon City Band 4.40pm

    4.20pm Oughtibridge Brass Band 5.20pm
  11. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Just a slight correction Ian when Dronfield won last year we were still a Midlands band, but we will be aiming to bring it back to Yorkshire this year which could make us the only band to win it for both Yorkshire and The Midlands
  12. DaveBBb

    DaveBBb Member

    Where are the results posted?
  13. weighill

    weighill New Member

    The full results from todays Battle of the Bands contest are as follows

    1st - Dronfield - 95pts
    2nd - Ripon City Band - 93pts
    3rd - Rolls Royce Derby - 92pts
    4th - Newhall Band - 91pts
    5th - Market Rasen RPC - 89pts
    6th - Thurcroft Welfare Band - 88pts
    7th - Oughtibridge Brass Band - 87pts
    8th - Keele Brass Band - 86pts
    9th - Long Eaton Silver Prize Band - 85pts
    10th - Ashover Brass Band - 84pts

    Solist Prize - Principal Cornet - Ripon City band
    Deportment & Entertainment Award - Oughtibridge Brass Band
    Band Rep Award - Ripon City Band
    Highest placed unregistered band - Keele Brass Band


    Junior Battle of the Band Contest

    1st - Long Eaton Silver Prize Training Band - 90pts
    2nd - Thurcroft Welfare Training Band - 88pts

    Soloist Prize - Solo Cornet Thurcroft

    Congratulations to all the prize winners, and thank you to all the competing bands for supporting our contest, we hope you enjoyed your day and hope to see all you next year.
  14. DaveBBb

    DaveBBb Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply -- good work ;-)
  15. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Would the bands please put up the music that they played.

  16. ukdrummerboy

    ukdrummerboy Member

    Oughtibridge played...

    Born Free (John Barry)
    Over The Rainbow (Arr. Goff Richards - Soloist, Sarah Dickinson)
    Swanee River (Arr. Alan Beaumont)
    Repton - Dear Lord & Father of Mankind (Arr. Gavin Somerset)
    And All That Jazz (Arr. Frank Bernearts)
  17. thejazzter

    thejazzter New Member

    Thurcroft played:

    Belfast Citadel
    Napoli (Ged Hancock soloist)
    Just Haven't Met You Yet
    Be Thou My Vision
    Finale from 'Keep Smiling Through'
  18. Bassboner

    Bassboner New Member

    Newhall played:

    Emblem of freedom
    swingtime religion
    Demelza (Pat Woodings)
    Tara's theme
    Lord of the dance
  19. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Dronfield played:

    Sway - arr Jon Bennett
    Tenderly - sop solo John Waining arr Jon Bennett
    Mr Sandman - Leigh Baker complete with bells and night shirts (by the way this wasnt actually our training band members)
    Bailero - Alan Fernie (Shepherd Song)
    Variations on Laudate Dominum (last 3 variations)

    This was an excellently run contest and Ian and all the team at Ireland Colliery deserve a big vote of thanks. Timings were perfect, bands had 15 mins between to set up stage, no rush and no fuss. A crew to help with moving kit etc. Registration was simple and effective. There are "live" comments on the event on Twitter @ICCBB and @Francishargate

    We were chuffed to win again and this time it has definately been taken back to Yorkshire. We played off number 1 and I know I felt it was our best performance for some time and then sat through all but 1 of the remain bands to hear some excellent programmes and performances. The only band I didnt hear was Ripon but I'd heard them at their contest earlier this month and we always thought they were the band to beat. Solo prize was totally deserved another stunning performance.

    I also played with last band on stage Oughtibridge who managed to win Entertainment and Deportment trophy.

    Looking forward to playing at Kiveton Park next month and will be interested to see what odds Paddy gives us on that after our rather "interesting" result there last year
  20. peterg

    peterg Member

    Ripon played:

    Arnhem - A E Kelly
    Stal Himmel - Alan Fernie
    The Nightingale - Harold Moss
    Oaklahoma - Richard Rodgers Arr. Alan Catheral
    Amazing Grace 0 arr. William Hines
    Finale from Faust - Gounod arr, Ray Woodfield

    An excelent friendly days contesting, congrats to Ian and his team for a well run slick event.

    My biggest round of applause went to the Market Rasen band. To turn up and play a contest like they did, I counted just 17 brass players and 2 perc players (incl. some borrowed) was banding at its best and put to shame all those bands who pull out of contests cos they are a couple of players down. Well done guys and gals, you deserve a special award all on your own.


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