Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band 4th Battle of the Bands contest

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    Irleand Colliery Chesterfield Band supported by Staveley town council are pleased to announce the date of its 4th Battle of the Bands entertianment contest on Sunday 14th June 2009 at the Speedwell Rooms Staveley.

    The contest is open to 1st - 4th section bands and all bands play a 25 minute programme which must include a solo item.

    all placings will be this year based on the Musical Judges remarks and points. But there will also prizes for best entertainment, Deportment, the best soloist and the highest placed 4th section band. We are also hoping for a prize for the highest placed 1st, 2nd and 4rd section band but we are looking for sponsorship for this

    Also the bands will be once again judged by the band rep judges. If you have never been to the contest it is like Ice staking. Each band has have a band rep who will judge every performance but not their own. And at the end all the bands totals are added and the bands are placed.

    This year the contest will be a regristered contest with a max of 25 brass players and a max of 5 percussion players. Each band will be able to borrow a max of 5 players from any section.

    If you would like to know more please visit the bands website and contact Paula on the contacts page for more info
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    Just a reminder the entries are coming in for the 4th Battle of the Bands contest

    but if any band wishes to enter please contact me and I will get it sorted. the contest is on the 14th June in Staveley near Chesterfield
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    Ireland Colliery are pleased to announce that Dave Thornton Solo Euph of Black Dyke will be the adjudicator this year.

    There is still time to enter as we have space for 2 more bands if you would like to enter please contact me. The contest is open to 1st to 4th section bands and it is a 25 minute entertainment contest which has to feature a solo item.

    The contest is on the 14th June in Staveley near Chesterfield
  4. IJK

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    Ireland Colliery are pleased to annouce that due to a very nice donation from the local council the prize money for this years contest has increased to

    1st £300
    2nd £200
    3rd £100

    This is a great money for an entertainment contest so if you would like to enter we are still looking for a few more bands
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    Sadly due to 2 bands withdrawing in the last 2 weeks we have made the choice to cancel this contest for this year.

    We are planning to hold the tcontest next year and will be sending out a questionaire to all 40 bands we sent invites to. So that we can improve the contest. We had felt that increasing the prize money would attract some more bands but sadly this was not the case.
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    Sorry to here that the Entertainment contest has had to be cancelled this year. Was really looking forward to it and also defending out lower section trophy too.
    Hope it is on next year.


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