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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by MRSH, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. MRSH

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    Can anybody recommend good quality speakers for the iPad?

    I have searched and come across many products but they range from £50 to £500, from 2wpc to 50wpc!!!!

    What is considered a decent output level for this type of device? Will 2wpc sound too tinny?

    I'm looking for a decent sound if I'm watching or listening from across the room!!

    Any ideas?

  2. johnmartin

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    You don't mention a budget. The more expensive units generally have a better DAC in them and so have much better sound quality than cheaper units.
  3. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    I didn't mention a budget on purpose as I wanted to find out if people thought the cheaper units 'did the job' for them - although I do appreciate what is OK for your ears won't necessarily be OK for mine.

    I don't particularly mind forking out £100-£200 (£500 is a little OTT for speakers for an iPad!!) but if I spend £200 am I getting £100 worth of better sound quality? Does that make sense?
  4. worzel

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    I don't have any suggestions, but am interested in what you chose and how you find them.
  5. johnmartin

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    Since the original post there are now several speaker sets on the market that support airplay and don't need to dock with the iPad. The current best is the B&W Zeppelin Air.
  6. MRSH

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    I just Googled 'ipad speakers' and loads came up. I eventually went for THESE. They were just under £200 and have bluetooth facility so no need to be docked. The quality of sound they give out would be sufficient for a small hall so in my home office and kitchen they are just fine.

    I must admit to looking at these but are a little steep on the price at £500!! :eek: