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    IP Brass (IPB) is a new and exciting brass ensemble set up and managed by cornet virtuoso Ian Porthouse. Ian, renowned for holding the prestigious position of principal cornet with both the world famous Black Dyke Band and Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band has spent a long time planning this ensemble and he commented: “This is something that I have wanted to do for a number of years but, finding the right combination of players is an extremely difficult task! The group is made up of some of the finest young talents that I’ve come across in the brass band movement mixed with some slightly older ones; namely myself! The instrumental line-up is four cornets (all doubling on various trumpets and flugel horn) horn, Eb tenor horn, French horn, euphonium and baritone (both doubling trombone), tenor and bass trombones, two tubas and percussion.”

    The first performance for IPB will take place on 14 January 2006 in Durham where it is guests of the Stanhope Band. Immediately following this, a very exciting opportunity has arisen for IPB with an invitation to perform before the results at the 2006 Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival on 21 January, where the group will be performing on behalf of Brass Band Aid, the amazing charity encouraging the brass band movement to help make poverty history.
    Said Ian: “I must thank Bob Thompson from Brass Band Aid for his help with this. Many people will know Bob and his daughter Briony as the driving force behind Brass Band Aid and Butlins are making a very generous donation to BBA for IPB’s performance at the contest. I am also incredibly involved in BBA myself as a trustee. The music I have chosen for this particular event is going to be a little light relief after a stressful days contesting, containing some new arrangements, solos and maybe some humour, hopefully!”

    IPB will also be involved in BBA’s major recording project next year as well as the production of the first of their own CD. “We are developing a very wide repertoire of music from classical and brass band to jazz, pop and contemporary. I am very fortunate to have two composer/arrangers within the group so I hope to have lots of new pieces written with our personnel in mind,” commented Ian.

    Anyone wishing to find out more can contact Ian Porthouse on 07966 258450 or at ianporthouse@hotmail.com or Bob Thompson on BRIONYT@aol.com. You can also log on to the Brass Band Aid website at: www.brassbandaid.com
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    What the BH is all this about ?????

    ~ Mr Wilx
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    It's Probably because he knows nothing about Banding......or has nothing to say about the BB Movement.
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    Sorry for the disruption to this thread - inappropriate posts deleted.
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    Well I'd sussed that out for myself mate ! ~ lol !

    ~ Mr Wilx
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    Well it looks like they are back with a vengeance !!!

    ~ Mr Wilx
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    I recall putting a tongue in cheek post on here about this possibly being our old friend BBM (BrassBandMaestro) who I know would have seen the funny side of it. It seems to have been removed yet the garbage posts remain. What's that all about?
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    Having deleted the offending posts, it did not seem appropriate to leave a comment that many people would not understand. The latest batch of spam appeared subsequently.
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    Thread locked as it seems to be attracting all the spammers
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