Introduction and Burlesque

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  1. does anyone know where i could get Introduction and Burlesque solo for bass trombone and brass band from?

    i have the piano and bass trom version but i was wondering if anyone knew the full band version and where i could get it? :confused:

    Other Info;
    • my piano and bass trom version is published by R.Smith and co.
    • it is by Robert Eaves (Edward Gregson, i think??)
    :confused: :-?

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    Intro and Burlesque

    I have played it with BT band so they definately have a copy-if u get in touch they may be able to help.
  3. Hi
    You could also try 'The Band Of The Island Of Jersey' you can contact them via their website...
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  5. thanks very much for all of your help!:clap: