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  1. Tubafreak

    Tubafreak New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm Tubafreak. I'm new to tMP so bear with me. I'm a tubist, but also play trombone and euphonium. Istarted on the trumpet but haven't played it in 23 years. I am married with four sons, one who is mentaly handicapped, and one who plays a wicked double bass and trombone. He is now starting on the tuba and doing incredibly well. We live in an agricultural community but have an excellent music program going. I'm not currently playing with any groups but that may change. Nice to meet you, dinners ready got to go.
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hi Tubafreak and welcome to tMP. :hi

    I shouldn't worry about being new around here, everyone was new at one time - now wer'e all not so newbies :) and besides... we're all tMP'ers :biggrin:. I look forward to reading your posts and threads.
  3. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Hello! Nice to hear from fellow brass players from other far-away parts of the world :)
    What's the "band scene" like over there in Oregon? I don't know very much about that state I'm afraid, only that Jacob De Haan composed a wind band piece named after it (in which the sound of steam train is mimiced... - I think there must be a brass band arrangement of this piece as well!)

    Enjoy your stay on tMP (<- that's our abbreviation of "theMoutPiece" ;) )
  4. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    hey, welcome to tmp, feel free to pm me to have a chat if u want, Lisa :D
  5. Tubafreak

    Tubafreak New Member

    Well, there are a three symphonic bands within 30 minutes of my house, several brass quintets and a few tuba ensembles. I've heard that there is a local brass band but don't know much about it. I found that out after selling my Eb bass, now I just have big BBb horns, and I have health issues that prevent me from marching with the heavier tubas. I enjoy talking to musicians from all over, thats why I'm giving tMP a try. I've tried the Brass Forum UK but they don't get many posts. Maybe there will be more action over here:biggrin: ! I'm looking forward to it.

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