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  1. Robin Norman

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    Huntingdon, Cambs.
    Hi All,

    I am happy to launch a new publishing venture of mine named "Crabtree Music Publications". This has been formed to run alongside my work as editor for the Warner Bros/IMP Brass Band Series to produce quality arrangements for todays brass bands.

    I am pleased to be able to announce that I shall be acting on behalf of some great named composers and arrangers such as Mark Freeh, Brian Bowen and David Stowell as well as some of my own material.

    The catalogue that is available, or coming soon, is as follows :-

    Ol' Man River
    Kern/ Hammerstein arr. MARK FREEH

    The great Mark Freeh arrangementas featured on the cd by the Rigid Containers Band 'Freeh Way'. This arrangement has been floating around various bands for many years but I'm now pleased to bring it into the legal domain in a fully engraved, published format.

    Order Ref: CMP00002 Price £30.00 per set

    Northern Lament Op. 154
    Derek Bourgeois arr. ROBIN NORMAN

    A wonderfully powerful lament by Dr. Bourgeois based on the second movement of his "Sonata for Brass Quintet". arranged for full Brass Band.

    Order Ref: CMP00003 Price £25.00 per set

    (Flugelhorn Solo)
    Raskin/Mercer arr. MARK FREEH

    A lovely jazz ballad Flugel solo, again recorded on 'Freeh Way'. Recently requested on TMP forum.

    Order Ref: CMP00005 Price £20.00 per set

    Send in the Clowns
    (Eb Bass Solo)
    Stephen Sondheim arr. ROBIN NORMAN

    A lilting jazz-style arrangement of this classic song showcasing the lyrical qualities of the tuba, playable by any tuba soloists.

    Order Ref: CMP00001 Price £25.00 per set

    Prelude - Vespers
    Claudio Monteverdi arr. ROBIN NORMAN

    A simple arrangement of the opening section of this larger choral work. Suitable for all brass bands this work demonstrates antiphonal choirs wonderfully.

    Order Ref: CMP00004 Price £20.00 per set

    Other Brass Band Titles Available Soon :-

    Valse (Euph Solo)
    arr. Mark Freeh £20.00 per set
    Italian Holiday (Cornet Solo)
    Brian Bowen £25.00 per set
    Go the Distance (from Disney's "Hercules")
    (Horn or Euphonium Solo (please specify))
    arr. David Stowell £25.00 per set
    Surrey With the Fringe on Top (Euph/Bari 4tet)
    arr. Mark Freeh £25.00 per set
    Hejre Kati (Cornet Solo)
    arr. Mendez/Mark Freeh £25.00 per set
    Variations on a Tyrolean Theme (Eb or Bb Solo) - as played by Pat Sheridan on 'Blazing Brass'
    arr. Mark Freeh £25.00 per set
    Holiday for Trombones (Tbn Trio)
    arr. Mark Freeh £25.00 per set
    Twilight Dreams (Cornet Solo) - as performed by Roger Webster
    arr. Mark Freeh £25.00 per set
    Nocturne (Grieg)
    arr. Mark Freeh £25.00 per set

    Plus other titles for smaller ensembles and piano accompaniment versions of many of the solos and many more titles for Brass Band.

    Many of these titles will be on display at the RAH this weekend and at Pontins the following week on the trade stands of Just Music and Headline Music Productions respectively. Alterantively please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.

    If there are any arrangements from Mark Freeh or David Stowell that you would like to perform please do not hesitate to contact me also and I will endeavour to bring these to you in a legal fashion.

    I would also welcome any comments 'with my other hat on' on the new Warner Brass Band Demo Cd and "John Williams:Epic Themes", both released at the Albert Hall this weekend (18/10).

    Many thanks to you all.

    Robin Norman

    Keppler: Edited to fix the bbcode (p.s. welcome to tMP)
  2. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    West Yorkshire
    Best of Luck,

    Is there a website for your new venture, did see one in the post?

  3. Robin Norman

    Robin Norman Member

    Huntingdon, Cambs.
    Sorry. There is a website at but, at the moment, there is only a holding 'front' page. I expect the website to be up and running fully by the end of the year.
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