Introducing Charlie and the Silsden Town Band.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by b-flatcharlie, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. b-flatcharlie

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    Introducing Charlie and the SilsdenTown Band.:clap:

    Hello my name is Charlie and thanks for welcoming me onto the mouthpiece forum.

    In which case, its time I give a thorough introduction.

    I live in a village which is named Crosshills which indeed is a very appropriate name for where I live in the north of England. I’m 21. I think I’m the only brass player located here presently!:-?

    I started the brass experience aged 7 by learning at school on the trumpet. I still play B-flat trumpet and I’m going to learn D-flat trumpet one day. Any tips in this field would be useful too!

    Then a few years later I had a very brief stint with a junior brass band near Bradford –sorry can’t remember the name.:oops:

    I joined Silsden Town Band not long after since it wasn’t far away, where I have since remained.
    I will now tell you about the band without trying to sound as though I’m over promoting. The band raises money for charity every year even though we are not a charity registered organization. Last year we raised money for The Camphill Trust, BottonVillage where I have a sister living and Manorlands Hospice.

    Silsden Town Band is extremely accommodating. We benefit from diverse abilities from a couple of ex championship and older professional orchestral players in the band to people that simply enjoy, making music through the week.
    Anyone is welcome to a practice on a Tuesday, even if they haven’t played in a band before.

    Such is our genuine ingrained nature that if you like, a corner seat can be given away - if you’re an ace, though I add that often we have 3 euphonium players alongside the baris at rehearsals.

    The website which reflects this is to be updated along with a light concert schedule in due course.

    We may also at some point begin an occasional sectionals rehearsal for the benefit of our members and hopefully any beginners.
    Our local pub landlord has very kindly offered us a free room upstairs for this. Shame it isn’t big enough for a full band!

    The band has never contested and isn’t likely to start due to the fact that one of our aims is to welcome beginners to playing brass and learning music. However some of us, myself included actively contest with local 4th section + bands.

    Any trombone players in the region particularly at the moment are welcome to help out in anyway possible.
    The reason I have advertised for a 1st trombonist is although our man attends rehearsals; for health reasons Mick is finding it harder to attend engagements. He would like to resume his preferred position on bass trom also.

    The band prides them selves in being a friendly bunch. We also really enjoyed ourselves and our band meal in Silsden this week. Hopefully this annual arrangement will continue! A special thank you goes to social secretary Heather Ebrell for organizing this.:tup

    Any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact.;)

    Thanks for reading.
    1st Solo Cornet (I don’t like using the term principal that much because I’m the old fashioned sort at heart!)
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for that thorough introduction, and I'm sure we'll look forward to hearing what you and the band are getting up to :clap:
  3. b-flatcharlie

    b-flatcharlie Member

    Hopefully when somebody in the band decides to update the website it might include the things that I mentioned here!

    I apologize if I seem to have scared people away from this introduction. They must have read halfway down and thought this guy is bonkers!
  4. b-flatcharlie

    b-flatcharlie Member

    It would be silly to embellish this further I feel. It’s tricky to word something like this in a forum without it sounding too opinionated. I’m attempting rightfully to stick to and obey the rules.

    We have only just started rehearsals again after Christmas so there is no real news to come soon. Also MD Andy Dunn has been with us for over a year so we’re no longer new to each other. Time is flying!

    I think we would all agree that every person is benefiting including Andy whose confidence as a new’ish’ conductor has grown. The band certainly has come along way under him too.

    With a bit of luck 2010 should be a good year in the present bands history with Andy determined to bring Silsden on further still.
    It’s hard to know how but he has methods which are possibly unique to him. I say his methods without the word sounding opinionated so to speak.

    So with this the band might find its feet as a worthy 4th section village band in the not to distant future. It would be lovely to see while I remain a member at least.
  5. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    Hi Charlie I know we've already spoken via PM but nevertheless...welcome :)

    I hope you enjoy your time on here as much as I do!
  6. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    Likewise from USA.
  7. b-flatcharlie

    b-flatcharlie Member

    Silsden Town Band: Funniest quote of ‘The Noughties’

    “Without sounding rude those uniforms are bright enough to give someone a migraine attack.”;)

    I didn’t realize they were so ‘stunning’ until looking at the website pictures! :sup
  8. jockinafrock

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    Greetings Charlie! :hi

    Your ties remind me of the colour of the shirts we wore at Kennington Oxford Band - I'm sure only in case players got lost following a sophisticated soirree
    of merriment and mirth...! We looked like a flock of canaries when we had our jackets off...! ;)

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