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    Now that you have drawn attention to a criteria-based method of adjudication which you support strongly, what efforts are being made with regards to consistency for interpretation of scores by judges? Idealised performances do vary from one person to another and there has been disparities between conductors and judges on quite a few occasions. This is more significant with the soon-to-be Regionals where judges may have different opinions on how the music should sound. Why not get them altogether in advance of the contests to discuss and agree about the music as well as the technical aspects?
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    Unfortunately I don`t think this will ever happen. You are talking about the one thing that even the most detailed criteria cannot account for, namely personal taste and subjectivity.

    My criteria is aimed at the things that are right and wrong and how to identify them and then assess them to reach an order of merit. The reading of a score can not always be quantified as such because individuals whether conductors or adjudicators will have personal preferences. This will always be a problem for brass band adjudication. And lets face it, surely we don`t all want to play in ther same way, we have to allow for inspiration and new ways of looking at things. It would be very boring if we all agreed to take one piece the same way. We have to learn to appreciate other ideas and accept that someone might be able to do it better or more precisely, differently and capture the ear of an adjudicator.
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