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    Is there any "complete" source on the internet where one could order the Salvation army sheet music?
    How many series do they have and what are their properties? I know the triumphonic series and the american brass ensemble but I know they have many more.
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    I doubt all international SA music for brass is available from just one internet source. World of Brass (SP&S, London) is the best place to start as I'm sure they hold the largest selection. They are responsible for producing their own Festival, General, Triumph and Unity Series. I think they also produce one-off pieces in the oddly named Judd Street Collection, not to mention solo albums. In additon, they stock the USA Eastern Territory's Triumphonic Collection and some of the American Band Journal. I'm not sure about the same territory's music for brass ensembles and solos, or the series produced by the SA's Southern Territory of graded pieces for small brass groups. The USA Central Territory produces the occasional American Festival Series, which contains a good number of pieces by Bill Himes, but I don't this series is stocked by World of Brass. I've heard that the Canadian Territory has a few band titles, maybe Australia as well. Some of the Scandinavian countries used to produce band music but I don't know about the present day.

    Perhaps World of Brass will respond and put me straight.
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    I remember that I seen some duet books that I think was called popular duets, that contained some cornet duets and one or two cornet euphonium duets. also one euphonium solo book containing for example ransomed and song of the brother. Which series is that? Are they available nowadays?
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    I don't think any of the early UK solo and duet books are available any more, although authorized photocopies can be produced for specific pieces.

    There are currently three soloist albums: one for cornet, one for horn/Eb bass and the new one for euphonium:

    There are also some excellent US solo publications, many of which come with cd backing track (as does the new Derick Kane solo album above), and there is a new one of cornet solos due out any day.
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    Unfortunately not, that would be a mammoth task which would probably not make commercial sense for the time it would take.

    As Brian has indicated, here at SP&S in the UK we publish four main brass band journals;

    Festival Series and General Series are for standard sized brass bands. Unlike scores for contesting bands, we do not have a part for repiano cornet and have 1st & 2nd cornets instead of 2nd & 3rd. Quite often there are split parts for 1st trombone and sometimes even 2nd trombone. Salvation Army bands are not restricted on numbers and often have more than 3 trombones.

    Triumph Series is scored with slightly fewer parts. The cornet parts are soprano, 1st and 2nd only and there are only two tenor horn parts. Flugel horn does not have its own part but is anotated as part of the 2nd cornet part.

    Unity Series is scored for fewer parts still and most is playable by groups of five providing you have the correct instruments.

    Other publications that we have produced in recent years include;
    Favourite Marches and Hymn Settings of The Salvation Army. This is a collection taken from General and Triumph Series journals. SP&S have produced these collections over the years two of which are known as the Blue Favourites and Red Favourites.

    Christmas Music. This is a Christmas collection again from General and Triumph Series journals.

    The excellent and very popular New Christmas Praise which is available with alternative parts for wind instruments.

    Scripture-based songs are designed to accompany congregational singing but many can be used as band contributions. We've done five volumes of these and the sixth is released this weekend. They are a mix of recent Salvationist songs and some from Songs of Fellowship by songwriters like Matt Redman and Graham Kendrick.

    The Judd Street Collection started life when SP&S was based at that address in London WC1 and was a series of major works for brass band that were perhaps too long for inclusion in Festival Series. This title is now being revived. Salvationists will know that some of the older scores and parts (particularly split solo cornet lines) required the use of the Hubble telescope to be read accurately. This seemed acceptable to Salvation Army bands at the time but now that our music is commercially available, the opportunity is being taken to re-originate a number of scores and produce them in a much more readable format.

    The 'staple diet' of Salvation Army bands is The Band Tune Book which contains 871 tunes across 2 books. A minature solo & 1st cornet book is available in hard or soft back and this contains all 871 tunes.
    Brass band parts for Magnify, 75 contemporary songs for worship, are also now available.

    As far as the overseas publications are concerned, I'll do my best but stand to be corrected by brasscrest and others!

    American Brass Ensemble Series (published by USA Southern in Atlanta).
    American Festival Series (now published by USA Central in Chicago).
    American Band Journal (published by USA Eastern in New York). Scoring means that groups as small as nine can play from this.
    Maple Leaf Brass (a short-lived series of major works published by Canadian Territory)
    New York Sextet Journal (published by USA Eastern in New York). Superb compositions and arrangemenst for standard brass sextet.
    Triumphonic Collection (published by USA Eastern in New York). Not to be confused with Triumph Series, this is a series of major works.

    I hope this helps but if you do require further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
    There is literally masses of Salvation Army brass band music. In Unity, Triumph, General and Feistval series all pieces are numbered and we're up to 314 in Unity, 1143 in Triumph, 2027 in General and 596 in Festival!
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    Fine job, WoB!

    A couple of other points about the "other" series -

    The American Brass Ensemble Series is now called the American Instrumental Ensemble Series. Edited by James Curnow. It's a graded series, four grades, four items per grade per year. Scored for 4 + 1 (four essential parts plus optional euph), like the Unity Series. All the items come out at the same time - I usually receive my set in July or August. The solo items (one in each grade each year, alternating Bb and Eb) are also published separately with piano accompaniments.

    The American Band Journal is published twice a year, with one of the issues usually devoted to Christmas music. The editor is Dorothy Gates. Although this series is nominally playable by a group of nine, a lot of the items really require more players to sound right, especially the stuff published in the late 70s. The last ten years or so they have been much stricter with the arrangements and they are much more useful for small groups.

    There are many SA-connected composers that publish online. Some that come to mind immediately are:

    Blow and Believe Publications (Andrew Mackereth)
    Gordon Music (William Gordon)
    Opus 3 Music (David Catherwood)

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    thanks a lot for all your answers! it has been clearing a lot of things up for me.

    so is the "Triumphonic Collection" and "American Festival Series" for full brass band?

    Interesting to hear that Dorothy Gates is the editor of "The American Band Journal" I happen to be searching for one of her arrangements that's featured on the New York Staff Band cd Air'N Variation, it's called "You raise me up". Do you know if that piece is available for ordering? if not would it be possible to get in contact with Dorothy in person?

    And finally what about these "Popular Duets"? Are they out of print?
    Is it impossible to get them? I'm sure that they are still under copywright control. So if I found one of them in my "collection" i wouldn't be able to scan them and post them on a free sheet music webpage like I just wan't to make sure that this music treasures will be continued to be performed in the future. But I'm sure that you guys are already taking care of that matter some way.
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    Yes, that is correct but SA band scoring meaning no repiano cornet part and 1st & 2nd cornets instead of 2nd & 3rd.

    I've sent an email to her on your behalf.

    They are out of print but it's not impossible to get them. As they are our copyright, we can supply authorised copies. I wouldn't recommend making them available through, sounds like that would breach our copyright.
    If you let me know what you're interested in, I'll tell you the best way to obtain them from us.
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    ok, thanks again for the help!
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    The news from Dorothy is that the intention is to publish this in the Triumphonic series. However, there is no news on the timescale as she is working on the copyright issue.
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    ok, is it possible to post on this thread or pm me as fast as it is available for order through world of brass?
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    Of course, but I suggest that this will be months rather than weeks.