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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Simon Preshom, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Simon Preshom

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    Hello guys,

    I want to watch the Norwegian Championships online this weekend, but is there a programme I can download online that I can used to record it?

    Might be daft question, but I am not too technically minded! Any help appreciated.


  2. boagy

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    I'm not aware of anything to help you here but I would have thought it is a little 'naughty' to do so, copyright and MCPS et al I will stand corrected but sounds a bit dodgy to me :-?

    Is it on the Music Page? might watch it if it is :clap:


  3. themusicalrentboy

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    links about this type of thing need to be checked for copyright as many footie forums who have links to web-streamed football matches have got into SERIOUS trouble over breaches of copyright law.
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  5. mclaugh

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    Can't speak for other countries, but recording a non-pay-to-view 'net stream for private use (so no linking, uploading, file sharing, rebroadcasting, selling copies, etc.) is perfectly legal in the US.

    Google audio, video, capture for links to programs that record streaming video.

    I use Snapz Pro (Mac-only) for video and Wiretap Studio (again, Mac-only) for audio.
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  6. Euph1888

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    Not sure about the copyright situation but I use Replay AV Player

    You can record all streaming data and set to record podcasts and even record Internet TV

    Really good product
  7. fireborn

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    I've used this in the past.

    Works well. I think it's actually the same company as Euph1888 posted above. They have a number of A/V programs.
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