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    There is a lot of talk about the lack of money in banding and pitiful prize money. Could some enterprising persons look towards establising a net based trading site to help fund banding. Not just for the bander, but for anyone to buy from. In addtion this may extend to internet radio and news and articles for the bander. Dare I say look at the Classic fm model.

    Look at the success of this site and 4BR.
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    The problem is that even a "successful" site may not be economically viable as a fund-raising mechanism. You would need a strong business model and some startup financing to get it going. Internet income models are not really very strong compared with other businesses - for example, it took about five years of operations before they began to make any profits at all. Internet advertising rates have fallen in recent years, because the actual conversion rate is quite low compared to traditional media advertising - and this is now getting even worse with the advent of ad-blocking browsers.

    Not saying it would never work, but it would take a strong leadership group and a long-term commitment to lose money before making any.
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    There is little money there is to be made on the internet, except for the few sites that have a radical idea and sell things directly to customers. A forum such as this will break even or perhaps raise a little cash for the owner either if advertisers can be found that users will actually click on or alternatively if a sufficient sense of community can be built that users will be willing to donate to keep the site afloat.

    I don't really see anyone risking their own cash to start up an internet site that will produce tangible profits year-on-year, putting all that effort in, and then once they finally stop making a loss donating it to "the banding movement".

    In addition, the banding movement is much, much smaller than the market audience of something like Classic FM and the number of banders whose banding experience regularly includes listening to other bands, rather than just playing themselves and enjoying the social scene, is smaller again. Can such an audience support the radio idea you envisage?

    Personally, I think the banding scene can easily support this forum and 4BR both with a few add-ons, but little more. If you go to a business model where you are catering for everybody, it would require venture capital funding and you'd be setting up a full-time private company. If that company then started to make a profit, and wanted to donate money back into banding, I don't see that being any different to any other businessman with a background in banding doing the same.

    A nice idea, but I don't see that it could work.
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    Amazon is not a good example.
    I know of many internet businesses who go into profit from day one as they keep the overheads low and grow organically.

    However, the problem with any project of this nature woul dbe getting cooperation, control and involvement from the different band.
    I don't think it would work.

    However, if we all cleaned out our band rooms and sold all the **** on Ebay we could probably make a fortune!
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    I think that at the moment, there are the right amount of general brass band sites on the Internet at the moment.

    Because of the relative worldwide lack of interest it would make starting up a site that would make quick bucks, very difficult. There are a couple of very good news sites that are ran by people who earn next to nothing from in and gain their money through banner ads. To try and build a site to rival them will be diffucults unless you have a lot of good contacts in the banding world who will do you a lot of favours. There are plenty of discussion sites like tMP which again are run by people for nothing and funded by donations and adverts.

    Going back to the point of radio, the lack of interest again makes it unviable to make it a proper 24/7 analogue/digital station that anyone in the UK can pick up. The costs for licences and equipment are in terms of the money floating around lower section banding, astronomical. Never will the amount of sponsorship required for it to work could be raised.

    Money will be very tight in banding for the forseeable future, but provided that bands keep a high profile in their local areas, they should be able to pull in enough money to cover operational costs by doing enough concerts each year and that, I think, is the best and safest way to keep bands afloat.
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    I think John would agree with me if I were to say that it has been difficult for tMP to make enough to cover its running costs, let alone turn any kind of a profit, and look how popular it is.

    I'm not sure that this kind of thing is a runner (as they say). Unless you can come up with a radical idea that will fire the public's imagination - notoriously difficult, look how hard it has been just to get people to vote in the on-line forum competition as an example, and you can begin to see the pitfalls.

    If there was something concrete you could offer joe public that they couldn't get anywhere else and that would overcome their natural tendency towards apathy you might make it work - otherwise apathy rules - if it can be bothered :(
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    Unfortunately I have to agree with pretty much everyone on this thread... Brass Banding just isn't as popular as we like to think it is, and so basing a business on it is always going to be extremely difficult. Sorry.