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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by imthemaddude, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. imthemaddude

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    Has anyone bought a new car from the new car section on Autotrader or Nationwide cars? Would you recomend this?

    I'm in the process of getting a new car but the local garage only does a 57 reg with 16,000 miles for the same price as a brand new 58 reg in the colour I want online.

    Are their finance companies safe to use?

    Any advice would be welcomed.
  2. bbg

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    I am employed as a Business Manager by a major motor group, so obviously I am biased, but I would recommend extreme caution when making such a major purchase as a car online.

    Taking advice, a proper test-drive, and choosing a physical car that you have touched and sat in is worth a lot; an online purchase will likely be delivered to you in the street by a lorry driver who has neither the knowledge nor the inclination to perform a full handover, demonstrating controls and the like. The "new car" may or may not be UK specified - if it is not, there will be a severely restricted warranty. Online companies offer no service facilities, nor in most cases part-exchange facilities leaving you with the hassle and possible financial risk of selling a car to a complete stranger in your driveway. The online guys will deal with reputable finance companies, but remember that if you are arranging funding online / by phone, it will take several days at best to receive cleared funds into your bank account, then the seller will want your cheque to finance will be invoiced by and paid directly to the dealer, speeding up the process considerably. In fact it is not uncommon for immediate finance acceptance to allow signing of documentation in-house within a very short time of you choosing your car.

    I could go on (further!) but in essence - if you want personal attention and an all-round service, take a trip down to a reputable local showroom and take your time, taking on board all available information and advice. Remember - the price will be forgotten long after the quality is remembered!
  3. Blagger

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    Agree with all of above.
    I have purchased cars from autotrader and ebay BUT 1. I always go to see them and 2. I am reasonably knowledgable when it comes to checking cars over.
    I would suggest that you look around for local mechanics who would inspect the vehicle for you (at a cost).
    You might be talking a few hundred quid for this service but you could easily get this back and more by shopping around for a bargain car.
    Golden rule with all nearly new is dont touch anything that doesnt have a full service history - also check when major services are due such as cambelt etc as often cars are sold with seemingly low milage and good SH but needing a major service in a few thousand miles.

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