International Trombone Festival 2006

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    In 1989, the British Trombone Society was the first organisation outside the USA to play host to the International Trombone Festival and this year the ITF returns to the United Kingdom for the 35th International Trombone Festival.

    This year's host is the Birmingham Conservatoire and both the British Trombone Society and the International Trombone Association are grateful to Professor George Caird (Principal) and David Purser (Head of Brass) for making available the wonderful facilities.

    The event starts on Thursday 20th July and lasts until Sunday 23rd July and includes concerts, competitions, clinics and an attempt at a Guiness World Record for the largest trombone ensemble.

    Artists taking part include Brett Baker, Ian Bousfield, Ben van Dijk, Byron Fulcher, Wycliffe Gordon, Katy Price, Jacques Mauger, Christian Jones, Mark Nightingale and Jiggs Whigham.

    Ensembles participating include Black Dyke Band trombone section, Bones Apart, Brazilian Trombone Ensemble, BBC Big Band, Fine Arts Brass Ensemble, RAF Central Band and the CBSO.

    Exhibitors include Rath, Greenhoe, Edwards, Thien, Shires, Phil Parkers and World of Brass.

    Further information can be found by visiting the International Trombone Festival website.
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    Ahem....... aren't you missing one........

    DUT Yorkshire Imperial Band are accompanying our ex-member Ian Bousfield (now principal trom with Vienna Phil), along with Bass Trombonist Ben Van Dijk and Jazz trombonist Wycliff Gordon in an afternoon concert next Sunday at the conservatoire.

    Haven't heard the others yet (rehearsals all this week) but Bousfield sounds extremely impressive.
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    And don't forget Phil Harrisson is playing the Gordon Jacob concerto on friday night in Symphony Hall. Should be a good concert with some very brassy Elgar, Holst and Wagner too. Try and get along to it, the pubs will still be open afterwards!
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    Phil Harrison, Ian Bousfield...........and, ahem...myself. All products of the Kirkbymoorside Town Band and the excellent tutelage of Les Maw BEM........ok, so perhaps I didn't put quite as much work in as the others......and of course...there's my complete lack of talent.

    Looking forward to this gig.

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    Yep, sorry about that Ronnie.
    I should have mentioned the only brass band taking part in the Festival seeing as this is predominantly a brass band website!

    Our trade stand will have a bit of a trombone bias at the Festival as you would expect.
    Also, watch out for a special deal on some BBC Big Band CDs.
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    :clap:I heard on the Radio this morning that they broke the record! well done guys !:clap:
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    I heard a piece on Radio 5 Live around 5.30 this morning which included a short interview with Denis Wick and 400 trombone players playing in the background!

    Just off to Birmingham now.
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    Blimey that must have been some queue for the bar!. So did they manage to change the lightbulb ? :biggrin:


    No, they could not get in the right position.;)

    Fantastic though, wish I could have been there to see/play!

    I hate work!
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    Went to the concert on Friday afternoon, Ben van Dijk in the first half and Ian Bousfield in the second half, both accompanied by Ian's wife Alison Proctor on piano.

    I had previously only heard Ben on CD and in a brass ensemble before but hearing him live was something else. I was struck by the smoothness of moving from one note to another, particularly when going from 'normal' register to a pedal, and by the consistency of tone throughout the register whether it was 'open' or with one or both plugs. He also knows how to play a melody too!

    Ian Bousfield demonstrated his ability to play amazingly quietly yet still retaining his tone quality, particularly in his presentation of two extracts from an opera by Erich Korngold, quite beuatiful. His German pronounciations have also developed since living in Austria!

    Just one little negative observation...why was the piano 'mic'-ed up?
    Didn't really think that was necessary in a trombone recital.
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    Got back yesterday tea time. Great weekend!! Even if i did get roped into playing when the Dyke Boys were dropped in it.

    Particular highlights for me were the Rath Pack on Friday evening and Wycliff Gordon. Wow what a player!! His impromptu jazz session on the Rath stand was amazing. Even more so when i took a second look to see he was doing it on a Contra Bass Trom.

    Top class trade stands were the order of the weekend my credit card is now maxed out. :oops:
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    I think that's echoed by pretty much all of us in the Imps - At rehearsal for his piece "Me-We" he just said "I'll do a little bit here and then there's a 'call and response' bit with the band". The parts just said "short trombone cadenza" and a couple more times "more trombone cadenza" but when it came to the performance this translated as several minutes each time of lip slurs, trills, multi-octave-leaps, pedals, polyphonics, ppppppp's, ffffffffffffff's - the band were left in absolute awe.