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    I've just posted an ISB polo shirt on Ebay.
    It's posted under my personal name because, would you believe, the worldofbrass username has already been taken (by someone in USA who last sold an item in December 2001)!

    The item is a blue McForsum polo shirt with a red collar and ISB name and logo embroidered in grey on the left breast.
    About 30 of these were produced some 5 years ago but nothing was done with them. The box was found on a shelf a year or so ago and every member of the ISB at the time was given a shirt each.

    There were 2 size S left over and we've decided to try to clear them on Ebay and see what happens.
    This listing is for the first one and the second shirt will be listed separately.
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  2. Cantonian

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    Carl, you could make a fortune.
    If a used Tesco carrier bag can raise over £4 imagine what a real ISB polo shirt could make.
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    Unfortunately it wouldn't fit you!
  4. Bariman

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    What the polo shirt or the Tesco's carrier bag?
  5. Cantonian

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    Neither. However I'm sure you could look quite fetching yourself ........ in a Tesco bag John!
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    I went to the link and I can no longer bid on either shirt. Have they both sold or is there one still available? Thanks.
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    The auction on Ebay finished in October.
    However, neither sold and I didn't bother to relist them. Both are available.
    If you are interested, please contact me by PM or email.