International Staff Band at Hadleigh, 25/2/06

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    Saturday 25th February 2006


    Hadleigh Temple Band presents


    Conducted by Stephen Cobb

    Admission by ticket only: £7 (£5 concessions)

    Contact Peter Edwards, Tel: 017 025 826 71

    Also Sunday 26th February: Morning meeting 10am; afternoon meeting 4pm (incorporates musical programme, no tickets or admission charge)
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  2. PeterBale

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    Just a reminder that the much-awaited visit to the ISB to Hadleigh is only ten days away.

    We understand that the programme will contain many of the items played during their recent visit to Shildon. That being the case, we can look forward to Kenneth Downie's "St Magnus", Derick Kane playing the same composer's "Euphonium Concerto", Phillip Cobb with Erik Leidzen's "Wondrous day", plus works by Martin Cordner, Will Himes, Ralph Pearce and Paul Sharman, amongst others.

    There are still tickets left, but I wouldn't rely on being able to just turn up on the day, or you may be disappointed!

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    Have a great weekend and enjoy the amazing ISB

    I've got to wait until October when the ISB visits Maidenhead for a similar weekend

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    We hope to get along (complete with newborn baby Anna for her first trip!) on Sunday morning!